What Kind Of Spray Paint To Use On Kitchen Cabinets?

After a long time using, a kitchen case’s color might become dull or peeled off.

That is the time you should find out what kind of spray paint to use on kitchen cabinets. 

Repaint the containers with sprayers is one of the fastest and cheapest ways to update your cooking place facings.

However, if you do not pick the right tool and do the way, you might unluckily see the opposite effect. 

As a result, the article below will show you full details about the suitable spray paint for the cases.


What Kind Of Spray Paint To Use On Kitchen Cabinets? A Quick Answer

Universal solvent-based paint is the kind of stain you should use for cases in the cooking areas. The paint is highly durable. Plus, it adds a hard finish to the stuff. Vinyl, acrylic, and timber cases are all suitable for using the paint based on solvent. However, suppose you can not find that paint around. Consider opting for the one that adheres well to the cabinet’s material. For instance, plastic and timber surfaces require a different kind of stain. 

How To Spray Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

Before coming to the central part, I want to confirm that everyone can stain their old cabinets by themselves. There are seven easy-to-handle parts:

  • First, you have to disassemble all the drawer and cupboard fronts. After that, get rid of any fixings of the case. Keep in mind to put them in labeled bags so that they will not be lost. 
  • The next step is to carefully cover the areas that do not need to be painted. Using masking tape and sheet plastic could help.
  • After that, you should get the cases cleaned. Do that with sugar soap and warm water. 
  • Take the fiber filler to fill the gaps that appeared. Next, priming the cabinet doors if needed.
  • Once the primer dries, lightly spray paint on the case fronts. Do not forget to wear protective gear, a respirator, and goggles. You should wait from four to five hours for the stain to dry.
  • Then, giving the case the second coat. 
  • The last part is to wait for them to dry, reassemble and enjoy your new kitchen cupboards. 

Take a look at this video to gain more knowledge about how to spray stain the items: 

Can I use spray paint on kitchen cabinets? (Source: remodelista)

Best Spray Paint For Kitchen Cabinets

There are some popular names when it comes to spray stain that is either specifically for cabinets or cabinet-friendly. Choosing one of them would ensure you have smooth and impressive finishes.

1. Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore paint is one of the best ones for kitchen cabinets. 

The reason might come from its being extremely durable and smooth. The paint is a kind of hybrid between water-based paint and oil-based stain. As a result, it has low VOCs as well. 

Besides, you can choose many finishes from the product. For instance, they are high-gloss, semi-gloss, satin, and matte. Following some experts, you should opt for the satin finish. That ensures your case has more luster. Plus, it is harder to notice the flaws with the finish. 

The Benjamin Moore paint is also highly rated because it is washable, dry quickly, and easy to apply. 

2. NUVO cabinet

The second one on my list is the NUVO cabinet stain. As a paint specially designated for cabinets, the NUVO is incredibly durable. Besides, it would give you an impressive finish like porcelain, mostly in one coat. 

What’s more, the product can cover well on both woody and metal surfaces.

3. BEHR Premium Enamel

When it comes to hybrids to refurbish your house cases, you might not want to forget the BEHR name. Well-known for producing high-quality stains, the company has recently recommended prospects to use its Premium Enamel product. 

You can make use of the paint on many surfaces. Also, most customers highly rated its good capability of preventing odors and being friendly with the environment. 

4. Annie Sloan Decorative Paint

Another choice to make a new coat for your kitchen cabinets is the Annie Sloan Decorative stain. It is a chalk stain, which promises to give you a unique look compared with others.

Annie Sloan, a British crafter, makes the product.

Many customers highly rated its flexibility. There is virtually no difficulty in preparing.

Plus, you can choose from either an aged, distressed or burnished look from the ultra-matte finishes. 

However, remember that you are using a chalk stain. That means you have to give it a wax, hard topcoat if you want it long-lasting.

To compensate for that, the Annie Sloan product reduces the overall preparation time for users. That means you only need a light surface prep to have a perfect finish. 

What type of paint to use to spray kitchen cabinets? (Source: remodelista)

5. The Real Milk

Although you can find many recipes for milk paint, why do you not find a professional one that can satisfy both your mind and your heart?

Instead of spending hundreds of time and effort on something that might be useless, it is much better to pay a small amount of money and quickly get what you need. 

That means The Real Milk paint is an intelligent choice.

First, it is nontoxic. Second, it is flexible enough to give you any look you want for the kitchen cabinets. 

For instance, some of my friends want their cooking room to look like a farmhouse.

Then, they pick up the offering from The Real Milk company without any doubt. Impressively, it takes only a few days for the bags of milk paint to come to their doors. Plus, they are given a lot of video tutorials. They find that having beautiful cabinets again has never been easier than that. 

6. PPG Interior Latex Paint 

The PPG company recommends the Interior Latex paint for many reasons. First, it is superbly durable with low VOCs. 

Also, you can wash it easily with soap water, and it dries fast. Besides, the product is pretty flexible cause it could cover cabinets, stairs, or floors.

Which Is Better: Brush or Spray?

What type of spray paint for cabinets? (Source: remodelista)

Although the spray is a good and quick way to restain your cupboards, you might want to opt for a brush in some cases. They both have good and bad sides. 

For example, when using sprayers such as the HVLP ones, you can notice the finishes are much better most of the time. What’s more, it is unable to deny its fast application and easy cleanup. As a result, the item is quite suitable for creating fast, dry and heavy coats. 

Of course, due to its unique functions, the cost is too high. That is why you should not choose it if you want to restain a single small case in your house. 

The other low-budget option is to brush. With the tool, you also do not have to waste time and effort to protect the areas not need to be painted. 

On the other hand, keep in mind it does have a few demerits. First and foremost, it needs more effort and time to stain, especially in abnormal and prominent positions. Moreover, you might need to be a professional if you want to have a perfect finish. If not, brush strokes could appear. Also, the color is often not consistent in different areas.

Plus, after using brushes, there is more work to do to clean up the messes. And I do not recommend you to take a meeting to make heavy-duty coats. 

What Kind Of Spray Paint To Use On Kitchen Cabinets? People Also Ask

1. Can you use a sprayer to stain kitchen cabinets?

Of course, spray stain is a helpful way to refurbish old cupboards. Also, many painting experts suggest customers use the tool to have a better and smooth finish.

Compared to rollers or brushes, sprayers are more valuable with huge cabinets that are hard to stain. 

2. How long do spray-painted cabinets in the kitchen last?

The answer primarily depends on the stain and cases’ quality. However, they could last from 8 to 15 years without a new stain layer in normal conditions.

Also, the more experience you have and the better the preparation is the longer your cupboards last. 

3. Why should you not paint kitchen cases?

Some people think you should not use stains on kitchen cabinets. The reason might have its root in the case’s material. It is not made from solid wood.

Instead, most of them are from engineered wood, vinyl, stainless steel, or laminate. As a result, they are hard to stain.

Plus, the liquid might not stick to the cabinet surfaces well. It cheap paints even chip or peels off after a few weeks. 

4. Is it cheaper to replace or repaint cabinets in the kitchen?

Of course, replacing the kitchen cases is much more expensive than repainting them.

The cost of buying a new one is about two or three times as high as repainting it. Also, the stain applied often lasts long. 


In summary, above are a little information related to the question of what kind of spray paint to use on kitchen cabinets. 

The universal solvent-based stain is my suggestion.

Besides, you can choose other kinds that are suitable with the case’s material, namely the Benjamin Moore, NUVO, BEHR Premium Enamel, and others. 

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