What Do You Need In A Garage? 11 Things For The Best Garage Gym (2023)

Those who own garages often have the same question, “What do you need in a garage?”

Not only can the area be used to keep and protect your cars, but it is also helpful to do messy projects with no worry about cleaning up after that. Plus, it is an ideal space to store items.

But, many garages are such oil-stained and dark areas that dissatisfy their owners. If that is your case, scroll down to the article below to know more about what things a garage should have and what you can get rid of.

What Do You Need In A Garage? A Quick Answer

There are seven things that every garage should have.

That includes a high-quality door, a work table, dialed-in storage, and flooring free of stains. Besides, utilities, excellent lighting systems, and climate control are indispensable.

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7 Things garages should have (Source: thespruce)

7 Things You Need In A Garage

1, A high-quality door

The first thing you should consider putting into your garage is a high-quality door. It needs to be both stylish and easy to operate.

Plus, there are many designs for you to choose from, so pick up the one that fits your need.

For example, if you want to enjoy more natural lights while doing projects in your garage, buy one with a large window.

Suppose you already own one; try to refresh it by giving it new hardware and paint coat.

2, A work table

A work table is often indispensable for many projects inside the garage, ranging from repotting plants and fixing a broken radio to complex woodworking jobs.

Some well-known and sturdy work tables you can refer to include WORX WX051 Pegasus or BLACK+DECKER Workbench.

Whatever type of table you opt for, keep in mind that its height should be around your waist.

Then, you can stand and do your jobs without paying for an additional stool.

3, A dialed-in storage

There are inevitably many things to store in your garage. So, to make the space neat and clean, creating wall-mounted slats or pegboards would help.

That also ensures you can find things easily after using them.

Plus, you should bear in mind a rule while doing stuff in the garage: everything, after being used, should be in the proper position where it first lies.

For example, a helmet should not be hung on the place for bicycles.

You can use a paint marker and make the tool outlines on the slats to follow the rule.

Then, finding and putting the lost items back in place is easier than ever.

Mainly, with naughty kids, the storage systems would prevent them from forgetting to return their items before going indoors.

things you need in a garage

4, Free-stained floors

For many, cracks, stains, and oil spots are obvious annoyances in a garage.

There is no other method to permanently fix the problem unless you change into easy-to-maintain, clean and bright floors.

That is another answer to the question, “What do you need in a garage?”

For more details, you can choose to use epoxy or coat the floors with polyurethane.

The first option can remove cracks, make a smooth surface quickly, and be self-level.

But, if it is exposed to UV over time, it tends to become yellow.

Meanwhile, using poly is UV-resistant, flexible, and less slippery. Sadly, it can not self-level.

5, Utilities

Keeping the utilities running smoothly and stable would help a lot.

For example, if you want to keep the garage clean after any project, putting in a slop sink is what you need. Plus, it prevents you from tracking dust and must inside the space.

What’s more, think about upgrading the plumbing system and maximizing the electricity.

The more outlets you have, the more electrical items you can run at the same time.

For instance, I sometimes have to use the table saw in winter while keeping the heater working. The first time I did that, the electrical system in my house was overloaded, and it took me nearly a day to fix the problem.

Hence, in my experience, nothing is more important than investing in good utilities. And never forget that they have limits alike.

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6, Sufficient lighting system

A fluorescent fixture is not enough for doing a project in the garage. Often, its quality is low, and it begins slowly in the winter.

So, what do you need in a garage?

It would be best if you bought recessed or pendant lighting fixtures.

It might be more expensive and require hiring professionals; it does a better job providing sufficient lights.

Supposedly, you are on a tight budget, add some portable work lights to the workstation.

That would ensure you have enough sunlight for either day or night projects.

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7, Climate control

Last but not least is climate control, a valuable tool to keep the garage’s temperature stable and comfortable during seasons.

Plus, it helps you maintain your car well or do other jobs like woodworking and storing stuff.

But, ensure you have insulated the item before cooling or heating the garage.

Not only is that safer, but it also saves your household costs when the house attaches with the storing-car space.

Are you not sure? Look at this video to know more about items needed in garages:

What Do You Need For A Garage Gym?

Now that you know what you need for a garage, think about building a garage gym and filling it with the essentials. Below are ten items that are a must-have for such a garage.

1, Pull up bar

The first item a garage gym should have is a pull-up bar. The bar is for doing the movement of pulling your body overhead. It could help balance your whole body and other muscles inside.

There are three types of pull-up bars for you to opt for, including ones that stand by themselves, attach to walls, and are parts of a rack.

On the other side, if you are on a tight budget and small area, do not pay for an entire unit. Instead, you can use climbing holds.

Hang them on an overhead beam and do the pulling movements as usual. While the action of gripping those items might require more effort, it saves a lot of money.

what you need in a garage

2, Cardio machines

What does every garage need, especially a garage gym?

Some people think that cardio machines are not vital in space due to their being ineffective or bulky. But, to my mind, it is only when you pick up the wrong type.

That means some are worth your purchase, including the Magnetic Exercise Bike, Concept 2 rower

For more details, I suggest you use the Ski Erg or a rower if you already have a high ceiling. The first one takes little space, and the second one can be hung up quickly.

Plus, think about the purpose of the machine and your interest in making movement patterns before buying one.

For instance, a rower might be a good choice if you like pulling across to the ground. But, suppose you prefer the position of flexion, buying a Ski Erg would help.

Also, no matter which item you choose, keep in mind to have short intervals to protect yourself from overuse injuries.

3, Olympic barbell set

The next thing you need is an RAGE Fitness Olympic Training Barbell. To save money, you can separately buy the barbell and some bumper plates. The number of dishes mainly depends on your demand.

There are around six types of plates, divided by their weight, including 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, and 20kg.

Also, some dedicated weightlifters buy an additional bench and squat rack for extra squats and doing the bench press.

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4, Stability ball

A stability ball is needed in a gym garage due to its flexibility. That means it helps you do a lot of exercises, varying from stretching movements and core training to joint stabilization.

Plus, you can use it as an unstable bench.

5, Resistance bands

What should every garage have, particularly the garage gym?

Resistance bands are relatively small and portable compared to other items in a gym. As a result, they have multiple functions alike.

For instance, they can add more resistance to other exercises or warm yourself up.

Often, they are combined with barbell squats or kettlebell swings to move up those exercises’ challenging level.

What’s more, they help stimulate a particular group of muscles. You do that by putting the bands around your knees and squatting. Then, your hips must work harder than average.

Some well-known brands of resistance bands you can refer to are Renoj, VEICK, and Pull Up Assistance Bands.

6, Foam roller

What you need in a garage gym is also a foam roller, which helps enhance the soft tissues. Plus, you can use the item to do warm-ups before workouts and cooldowns. It is good at solving adhesions and knots as well.

There are a few ways to take advantage of the foam roller, including combining it in core exercises like the “ab saw.”

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7, Kettlebells

Kettlebells are great diverse pieces that help improve your shoulders, legs, lower backs, and hands. Its size is small enough to be put in any space in your garage gym alike.

While many types of kettlebells are sold on the market, there is no need to buy all of them. Just pick up some suitable ones.

For example, with females, 16kg, 12kg, and 8kg are ideal options. With males, those should be 24kg, 16kg, and 12kg.

8, Cable machine

Using a cable machine might be more challenging and more demanding than other items because it requires a combination of a few more movements.

In doing core exercises, the machine will give you consistent tension and force you to do all of the presses, the wood chop, and the horizontal pulls and pushes.

Some popular cable machines you can refer to are GDLF Lat Pull Down Machine

9, Gym rings (TRX)

Another versatile piece of equipment on this list is gym rings (also called TRX). It does not take much space.

The rings function as an item to make the triceps stronger. Plus, it assists in exercises with dips or push-ups.

For some, they use the gear as an alternative for tiring single-leg exercises like Pistol squats.

While buying the rings, pick up some with adjustable straps such as PACEARTH, or Iron Bull Strength.

what every garage should have

Great gym rings (TRX) (Source: fitstream)

10, Stability pads

Are you looking for a device that helps stabilize your ankle, doing rehab, warm-ups, and leg exercises?

Then, do not ignore the stability pads. They are also helpful to prevent knee injuries while you are having half-kneeling trains.

Want to know more about items in a garage gym? Have your eye on this video:

What Do You Need In A Garage? People Also Ask

1, What do men need in garages?

There are eight items all men need in their garage. That includes a bench space, extension cords, good lighting sources, and a fire extinguisher. Also, a tool chest, first aid kit, fiberglass stepladder, and wall mounts are indispensable.

2, Is it reasonable to live in garages?

No, it is not. Living in a garage even seriously harms your health and safety. For instance, you might not want to be exposed to a fume leak or experience the heater explosions that can happen anytime.

Also, the electrical arrangements in the space are unsafe. In case of a fire, most garages do not have escape routes alike.

3. How much does it cost to build a garage?

On average, it takes around $40 to $60 per square footage to build any garage. That means, given that you want a three-car garage, the fund is between $28,000 and $43,000.

But, if that is only a two-car garage, you only have to pay under $28,000, and a one-car garage costs from $8,000 to $15,000.

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4, How to insulate garages to live in?

Many people use rigid foam insulation to cover the floors for insulating garages.

Alternatively, you can buy wood sleepers and put them on the ground. Keep in mind to lay down the rigid foam panels between layers of sleepers after that.

Plus, using six-millimeter pieces of plastic sheeting or vapor barriers are great options.


To conclude, above is the information related to the question, “What do you need in a garage?”.

In shorts, there are a couple of things that the best garages never lack, including work tables, good doors, dialed-in storage, and others.

Besides, suppose you will make a garage gym; consider essential items like a pull-up bar, good cardio machines, an Olympic barbell set, and a stability ball. Plus, once you have a general budget, think about adding in resistance bands, a foam roller, kettlebells, a cable machine, gym rings, and stability pads for your space.

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