What Accessories To Put In Bathroom? The Essential Checklist (2023)

Have you ever taken a look and wonder what accessories to put in bathroom?

One of the most effective ways to reduce clutter in your bathroom is to downsize your items.

We all know that you do not have to keep much in that space.

On a busy weekday morning, this area should be calm and well-organized to allow you to get in and out fast.

Having a lot of excess items in your bathroom might also be a safety threat.

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Is your bathroom a complete mess?

Can not seem to find what you are looking for when you need it?

Then use this article as a guide to determine what you should keep and what you should relocate elsewhere.

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What Accessories To Put In Bathroom? Questions To Ask When Starting To Organizing

When it comes to decluttering bathroom accessories, you should think about what items you need in your every routine, such as toiletries, shampoo, etc.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself as you go to help you decide whether or not an item should stay.

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If you have given it some thought, you are likely to find that you do not really need it.

Keep these questions in mind while you evaluate your items.

1 – Will I Use It?

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You should not spend too long considering this.

Just think about you will use it or not.

Choose products that you will use frequently, not possibly one day.

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You may have some objects that you do not actually need, but that you use on a regular basis and that help you simplify your life or bring you joy.

Of course, you can certainly have some products, as long as they are good to you or provide you pleasure.

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2 – Is It Still In Good Condition?

Keep in mind that practically all cosmetics have an expiration date.

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The majority of items have a shelf life of 6 to 18 months from the time they are first opened.

If the texture, color, or aroma appears to be “off,” it has most likely gone bad and should be thrown away.

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3 – Is It Extra?

Do you really need that many bottles of body lotion?

Did you just buy bucks of shampoo just because they were on sale?

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Think about what you need and use on a regular basis.

As previously said, practically all cosmetic products have a shelf life, so it is not always a good idea to “stock up”.

Choose your favorite and toss or give the others if it is still unopened!

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4 – Can The Amount Of Space That This Thing Need Be Reduced?

You have to usually try to find ways to lessen the environmental impact of the stuff you keep.

Is it possible to remove the wrapping for more compact storage?

Do you have many bottles of the same product that you can mix and match?

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Is it possible to move the item to a smaller container?

Is there any better storage that would make it easier to store and access the information?

It’s amazing what a little tip can help when it comes to saving space.

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What Accessories To Put In Bathroom? The Must-Have Items

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Some things are specifically designed for use in the bathroom.

Perhaps you only use things in this room, like toothbrushes or shampoo.

Or perhaps it is just more convenient to keep them here.

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Even if you dry your hair in your bedroom sometimes, it is much better to store your hairdryer in the bathroom with your other hair equipment and products.

Here we have some ideas for bathroom accessories we think you may need:

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1. Toiletries:

When it comes to what accessories to put in bathroom, toiletries are a must.

Things such as toothpaste, toothbrushes, mouthwash, skincare products, face washes, eye cream, contacts, and contact solutions should be kept in a safe place.

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Keep them as close to the sink as possible, and if space allows, store extra supplies under the sink.

However, you can show toiletries to a bare minimum to avoid bathroom clutter.

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Source: Good Housekeeping

2. Towels:

You should keep face cloths and hand towels in a drawer to make them close at hand and not falling over. Bath towels should be kept in the linen closet.

In any case, have towels close by.

If you have visitors coming over, consider shifting the towels to a more visible location so you do not have to look for them.

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However, you have to replace the dirty ones 2 times a week because the humid environment will make your towels always wet.

It is just additional dry towels that can be folded or rolled that can you can store.

If you fold or roll a towel after you use it, it will not dry and will begin to stink.

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Keeping used towels on a hanging rack is a good idea if you only use a towel once and immediately wash it.

However, in this situation, your life will consist of an endless cycle of washing, drying, and neatly folded towels.

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Source: Martha Stewart

4. Shower supplies:

Razors, shaving cream, body wash, bar soap, shampoo, conditioner, and anything else you use in the shower or tub should all be kept in a convenient location.

Use a tall shower caddy since it maximizes vertical space and can be used as a bathroom accessories décor as well.

Ideas For Bathroom Accessories

Source: Umbra

5. Toilet paper:

Store extra rolls under your sink if you still have room.

Or else, keep them in a basket on the floor if you have the space.

Nothing is more frustrating than running out of toilet paper when you really need it.

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Source: Pinterest

6. First aid kit:

Make sure you keep this somewhere where it may be quickly found if needed.

It is a good idea to keep it in the bottom drawer so you can know the “bottom drawer on the right” when you need it.

The bottom drawer is great because it won’t crowd out the items you use every day in your top drawer.

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Source: The Spruce

7. Toilet bowl cleaner:

The toilet bowl cleaner is another item you may do not pay attention to, even when you keep it beneath the sink or behind the toilet.

You can find brush products that are both fashionable and useful, such as this one from BoomJoy.

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For even more convenience, keep it under your sink.

You should also have a plunger on hand, in addition to the cleaning task.

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Watch this video for bathroom organization hacks:

What Accessories To Put In Bathroom? Things Should Not Be There

More than just reducing clutter, removing what should not be stored in your bathroom is safer as well.

Because bathrooms can grow steamy and bacteria, avoid keeping objects that are readily damaged by heat or humidity even for a short time.

Besides the must accessories to put in bathroom, there are items you should not keep:

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1. Medications:

Consider moving your medication to a different place.

You often take your pills in the kitchen because that is where the water glasses are. Secondly, most medications are easily affected by humidity and heat.

Keep them in a small kitchen pail or on a dry cabinet shelf.

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2. Electronic devices:

Buy a waterproof radio or speaker to stream music or podcasts if you want to listen to the news while showering.

Do not leave your phone charging on the sink in the bathroom while you are taking a bath because it can be very dangerous.

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Moreover, some cheap hair dryers are not waterproof, too.

Thus, you have to check your items carefully before using them in your bathroom.

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In case you ensure that your devices are safe to use in the bathroom: Keep your dryer and hair straightener inside a file organizer or magazine rack attached to the side of your bathroom sink, inside of a cabinet door, or on the wall.

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3. Laundry basket:

It is not a good idea to have a laundry basket in your bathroom.

You may think it is more convenient to put used clothes in before showering and used towels in afterward.

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However, mold and a bad smell can appear in your clothes as a result of the increased humidity.

It will also encourage the growth of certain germs, which will be last to even a 140°F washing cycle.

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Source: Bright Side 

4. Plants:

Home plants can brighten up the atmosphere of any room, including the bathroom.

There are, however, a number of requirements that must be met.

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Firstly, you must have the presence of daylight in the space since plants can not live without it.

If you do not have access to a window, you may need to invest in a daylight lamp.

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Second, you will need to ensure that there is good air circulation.

To avoid rotting and the formation of fungal illnesses, the room must be properly ventilated.

Mold and powdery mildew, which are extremely difficult to eradicate, can also appear in the room and on the plants when damp air stagnates.

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5. Open shaving razors:

Increased humidity causes the razor blades to deteriorate and corrode.

Spare blades might degrade even before you use them.

When it comes to the restroom, this is why you should only keep razors in sealed containers.

Furthermore, to extend the life of your blades, you should dry the razor after each use to prevent rust from forming.

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Besides, even if your scissors, tweezers, and files are made of high-quality steel, storing them in the bathroom for a long period of time (even if you have not used them) may cause them to rust. 

What Accessories To Put In Bathroom? Frequently Asked Questions

1 – How Can I Make The Most Of My Small Bathroom?

Bathroom Accessories Glass

You should make sure you have fitted furniture.

They will greatly increase storage capacity by adjusting to even the most unusually shaped spaces.

Pipework can be hidden behind them, too.

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Choose a wall-hung toilet and basin unit with matching drawers and tall cupboards for a luxury hotel feel.

This will free up floor space and make even the smallest room feel more spacious.

2 – In A Small Bathroom, Is It Better To Use Small Or Large Tiles?

Bathroom Accessories Set Amazon

Although larger tiles help to open up a space by requiring fewer grout lines, we suggest that you should enjoy smaller rooms and go for it if you like the smaller type.

A small tile, possibly with a pattern or intriguing detail, will bring individuality to a space.

If you want to embrace a small area, do not be scared of smaller darker colored tiles either.

Dark colors offer depth to a room, making it appear larger.

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3 – What Is A Good Bathroom Size For A Master Suite?

Master bathrooms are defined as such because they are connected to the master bedroom.

A modest master bathroom is 50.8 square feet or 40 square feet, although the average is between 40 and 100 square feet.

A large master bathroom can be anywhere from 110 to 200 square feet in size.

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4 – What Are The Colors That Are Relaxing For My Bathroom Walls?

Neutral colors, such as ash gray, create a relaxing feeling in your bathroom.

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A welcome contrast can be met by mixing grey walls with whites and browns.

Besides, you can buy a standalone tub, separate shower, and vanity table for a truly luxury touch and complete the look.

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5 – How Often Should I Clean My Toilet Space?

At the very least, once a week.

According to experts, your bathroom is the ideal bacterium host; E. coli is found there.

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Within six feet of the toilet and in the sink, E. coli can be found.

Disinfect the toilet and sink at least once a week, and the bathtub every two weeks, more if you shower frequently, to keep it at bay.


We hope after reading our article, you will know exactly what accessories to put in bathroom, and also what you should not keep having a tidy room. A cleaner space can help you not only get more done in the mornings but also relax and enjoy your routine. To stay orderly, do not forget to return items to the right place after using them. 

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