Wenzel Vs Coleman Tents (2023)– Find the brand to buy a suitable tent!

What do you usually do on the weekend? Go for a family gathering at a restaurant, go to the cinema, or go outdoor to the campsite? If you opt for the third option, it’s time you think of buying quality devices to prepare for the trip.

More and more manufacturers and suppliers of outdoor gear and accessories these days, with thousands of products on the market. However, I would recommend the two brands, Wenzel and Coleman to be of excellent quality.

What about the similarities and differences between Wenzel Vs Coleman Tents?

In this article, you will find information about each brand along with a comparison of the two. Check it out!

Which is the best one?

Coleman is an ideal choice in some aspects namely style and endurance. It has more innovative and functional designs, besides its strength and durability.

On the other hand, Wenzel performs its best when customers look for a lightweight, waterproof and affordable tent. This brand has been supplying tents since 1887, with a view to bringing camping closer to everyone by making it lighter and easier to assemble.

The best tent for someone can only be determined considering his or her requirements and preferences. Check the detailed comparison below and find a suitable brand for yourself!


Overall, both brands have established a long history of development, so many common features can be found in the Wenzel Vs Coleman Tents. Their product line is ground tents for camping, hiking, and outdoor adventure.

Firstly, both Wenzel and Coleman can satisfy the customers regardless of their picky taste. They offer diverse products of tents in capacities, colors, prices, and weights. On their websites, you can filter a wide range from small tents to big ones, with high to low prices.

Wenzel only categorizes its products by characteristics and features. Meanwhile, Coleman introduces some special collections including Peak1 Tents, Skydome Tents, Skylodge Tents, Sundome Tents, OneSource Tents & Shelters, Skyshade Shelters, and Easy Set-Up tent. This helps boost customers’ desire to buy.

Secondly, you can count on their reputation for quality. To improve the outdoor experience, Wenzel never stops upgrading their products. The Klondike 8-person tent with nearly 5 stars reviews is a great example. Coleman is not the exception, which revolutionizes the outdoors with its products. You can take the best-selling item Skydome 6-Person Camping Tent to illustrate its durability and strength.

Thirdly, Coleman and Wenzel provide similar ranges of size, as they both target family camping. Rather than solo travel or a couple of camping trips, a tent for the family must meet the needs of a more spacious interior (for up to 8 and 10 people inside). Wenzel has designed 10-person tents, while Coleman is famous for its huge-sized tents since they can accommodate up to 12 people.

You can refer to Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Tent in the image below.

Coleman Skylodge 12 Person Tent with Screen Room

(Cre: Family Camp Tents)


Although they have many mutual characteristics, Coleman and Wenzel brands still distinguish each other in water-resistance level, ventilation system, convenient accessories, and added technology.

Here are observations of these two from my perspective.


Wenzel is proud of its “Weather Armor” fabric, which is made of polyester and coated with polyurethane material. This feature makes a Wenzel tent different from other tents to be waterproof and can shed water.

Another notable thing on a camping tent from Wenzel is welded seams on the floor. Instead of millions of small needle holes like most tent manufacturers, Wenzel sealed the seams without any holes for water to seep in. This turned out to be one of the best quality Wenzel products.

Sadly, Coleman is not excellent at water-resistant tents. It receives many adverse feedbacks from customers about its rainfall protection. Most complaints can be attributed to the E-port (a special feature that allows outer power charge) and the half rainfly design.

The Sundome is a typical example of this weakness. Its rainfly is too short and cannot protect the tent against water flow from the outside. Also, water can be leaked inside through the zipper of the E-port and the seams. Furthermore, the WeatherTec System of the Coleman Sundome tent is not strong enough to resist moderate downpours other than small drizzles.

The Coleman Sundome 2 Person tent with E-port (yellow line on the bottom left)

(Cre: The Campfire Guy)

To conclude, Wenzel out shadows its competitor – Coleman in terms of water protection.


Coleman regains its advantages in breathability. The Coleman’s manufacturers aim to maximize airflow in and out of the tent, so they design the half rainfly and the ground vents. Additionally, the tents are equipped with a huge door or a wide window.

At the same time, Wenzel pays attention to open doors and breathable material. However, there is not so much positive feedback on this feature of Wenzel’s tent.

After evaluation, the Coleman is better than the Wenzel when it comes to the air circulation and ventilation system of a tent.

Wenzel Jack Pine 4 Tent with its huge doors and wide-opened canopy.

(Cre: Acampapr)

Convenient accessories

No one can deny the creativity of the Coleman brand, regarding its small but useful details on every single product.

Some notable details of Coleman are an E-port for easy access to outside electrical power. The Coleman Elite WeatherMaster has a built-in LED lighting and fan system with an illuminated wall switch to adjust the lightness level on the ceiling. This product line also has a separate bug-free lounging for extra ventilation, storage space, and a cool sleeping area on warmer days.

Coleman Elite WeatherMaster’s LED lighting and fan

(Cre: Snowys Outdoors)

Special value

Coleman is proud of two technologies: Dark Room and WeatherTec System.

About Coleman’s Dark Room Technology, it is stated to block 90% of sunlight. Therefore, you can sleep in comfortably without dazzling sunlight. Additionally, it can reduce the temperature inside the tent for extra coolness. When the sun comes up, you can dream a little bit more and feel refreshed after a full sleep.

Coleman’s WeatherTec System is also a spotlight. This is a mixture of weather-resistant fabric, welded corners, protected seams, wind-strong frame, zipper protection, and waterproof floors to protect your tent against rain and wind. No matter what is happening outside, you can always feel safe, dry, and cozy.

Opposite to Coleman, Wenzel’s innovations are not shown under the name. Only by using the products can the customers figure out their unique points.

FAQs – Wenzel Vs Coleman Tents

1. What is the return policy of Wenzel and Coleman?

Items purchased from Coleman.com may be returned in their original condition (unused and in their packaging). However, the return must be within 60 days from the order date for a full refund of goods excluding shipping costs. Please be noted that for any delay later than 60 days, you can not process a refund from Coleman. Plus, items marked as on sale cannot be returned.

Wenzel’s return policy is a little stricter. It will accept returns for orders placed on the website (excluding items marked as “final sale” or giveaway products) within 30 days of the original purchase date for a full refund. This period is twice as short as Coleman’s return time frame. Other rules and requirements are the same as those of Coleman.

Moreover, on the Wenzel website, users can find detailed instructions on returning process:

1 – Fill out the Return & Exchange Form, detach it, and put it inside the box. Mind the number SO # on the packing slip in the far right column.

2 – Write the SO number with a permanent marker on the outside of the box.

3 – Send the returned products to WENZEL RETURNS,  9460 N Virginia St., Suite A, Reno, NV 89506

Don’t forget to keep a record of the tracking number as evidence!

2. Can I buy a new rainfly and replace my torn one? Will it fit my old tent?

Unfortunately,  if your rain cover is missing, broken, or UV damaged, there aren’t many options. In most cases, you will have to upgrade your tent and look for a newer and more functional one.

To explain the rainfly’s problem, being the first line of defense against the sun’s heat and other weather patterns is a severe challenge. As a result, a rainfly unavoidably wears out faster than other components.

It is profitable to make the rainfly at the same time as the tent. In our quest to continually improve our tents, dimensions and attachment methods change from model to model and sometimes year to year. Then, a rainfly from a similar or newer tent will likely not fit in a tent a few years older.


All in all, the above discussion will equip you with further understanding of two brands Wenzel Vs Coleman Tents. Hope you could apply those reviews and information to your choice of a camping tent for yourself, your family, or friends.

I would definitely opt for Coleman when I go with my extended family or a group of best friends. By doing so, I can trust the quality and suitability of this brand’s product, and maintain my comfort.

Nevertheless, if campers need to watch out for the ability to resist water, Wenzel is recommended. You can experience a spacious and ventilated interior without worrying about the rain outside. What’s more, there are numerous styles of tent you can discover.

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