Rightline Gear Suv Tent Vs Napier (2023): Which Is The Best One?

Are you wondering about the differences and similarities between the Rightline Gear SUV Tent Vs Napier?

Suppose you feel tired of the usual tent, think about the SUV campuses as exciting and valuable tents due to their excellent features. Incredibly, they are more significant than the standard tents, but you can also attach them to your SUV cars and travel them worldwide.

The different traits make them worth considering and outstanding on the tent market. However, distinguishing between them might create a problem for many of you.

Then, look at the article below to understand the detailed comparison between the Napier and Rightline Gear SUV Tent. 

Rightline Gear SUV Tent Vs Napier: What Is The Best One?

It is primarily based on your demands to pick up the suitable one. However, according to many reviews and studies, I recommend the Napier Outdoors Family Sportz SUV tent as a better option.

While it might offer a higher price, it does come with a lot more helpful attachments and gears, a more comfortable and roomy space, and an extended warranty.

On the other hand, the Nightlight Dear SUV tent tends to be more lightweight and waterproof. The freestanding tent is pretty easy to set up in most camping cases.

Rightline Gear SUV Tent

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Key feature

Suppose you are a tent lover; you might be pretty familiar with the Rightlight Gear brand. Especially, its SUV tent is rated for bringing users a comfortable experience with exceptional sheltered camping trips.

For more details, the Nightlight Gear SUV tent – universal fit comes with a 2000-mm water rating, sealed seams, and extended rainfly, ultimately preventing you from the harsh environmental elements. Plus, there is a carry bag built-in, making it versatile in most cases.

On the other hand, the lightweight SUV tent offers a limited number of windows and doors. It is hard to fit the tent into smaller vehicles alike. Small mesh pockets and flimsy stakes are the Rightline Gear SUV tent’s downside.

rightline gear suv tent review

Lightweight Rightlight Gear for tent lovers


  • Roomy space
  • Fully equipped carry bag
  • A standalone structure
  • Tight fit to the vehicles
  • Excellent ventilation: mesh windows and doors


  • poles snap easily
  • poor quality zippers
  • hard to set up

Napier SUV Tent

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Key feature

THE Napier SUV tent has an impressive versatility level, an extended warranty, and an easy-to-setup feature. Moreover, users can freely change the features or rooms of the tent, primarily based on their needs.

Moreover, you might be surprised by how helpful the tent’s attachments are, including a lantern holder, gear loft, mesh pockets, and open ceiling. Also, please get rid of them or zip them off; suppose you think they do not serve your demand at the time.

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the tent might not be suitable for the long trip or harsh weather due to its heavyweight and the hard-to-setup aspect. It also lacks guy ropes for stable anchor points, leading to less stability on the stormy days.

napier suv tent review

Comfortable and roomy Napier SUV tent


  • Spacious interior
  • Roomy and organized space for gear: loft and pocket inside
  • 3 mesh windows for great breathability
  • A Lantern holder
  • A handy storage bag with the expandable lower section


  • Takes time to set up
  • Leak at SUV connection point
  • Too heavy

Rightline Gear SUV Tent Vs Napier Comparison

Once you have grasped the prior knowledge of the Rightline gear SUV tent and Napier canvas features, please scroll down to know their detailed differences and similarities.


When it comes to the similarities between the two tents, you should notice a few selling points.

First of all, as their names indicated, they are great SUV tents for camping, hiking, and other outdoor lifestyles. The canvas can do a great job transforming the interior space of the pickup, SUV, hatchback, or crossover into a more ample space for sleeping or storing.

Suppose you are crying out for a perfect solution to camp around with children, pets, and many gears; both SUV tents in this article is available. They can provide extra rooms for your camping process while increasing hardly any footprint.

Both beautiful tents help you stay whenever and wherever your vehicle can come through.

Notably, both offer the design of the vehicle-mounted tent, leading to the ultimate convenience suppose you want to access the tent into the vehicles’ interior spaces directly.

Plus, the design makes the setup process more accessible than other types.



The first remarkable distinguished thing is the manufacturer of the two tents. Rightline Gear is popular with the vision of pursuing excellence in all things, so they keep innovating and upgrading the old products.

At the same time, Napier has a great reputation for offering high-efficiency products. It positions itself as a leader within the industry and is recognized for quality and excellent service.

It is hard to determine which brand is better, but the product features of the two brands are different and need thorough consideration.

Weight and the pack size

When it comes to packaging dimension, the figure for Rightline Gear is‎‎ 25.8 x 10.4 x 10.2 inches in Length x Width x Height respectively compared to the number of 27.4 x 9.21 x 9.13 inches of Napier. Obviously, the Rightline Gear tent is shorter in length but somehow bulkier because it has higher height and weight figures.

On the other hand, Rightline Gear weighs only a little more than ‎9.39 Kilograms (20.723 pounds), about half the weight of Napier (50.6 pounds).

To conclude, the Rightline Gear regains its plus point over the Napier, regarding the package weight. Therefore, it is highly recommended for lightweight traveling.

Poles and set-up

Actually, the Rightline Gear is made of fiberglass. Therefore, the set up of this tent is no problem with two people and an optional ladder.

However, the Napier features new steel and fiberglass pole structure. This wonderful add-on makes it possible for a one-person setup and lengthens the durability of the tent over time.

Compared to fiberglass, metal poles are of greater quality. As a result, Napier is a better choice over Rightline Gear in terms of tent poles.

If you go camping alone or with a non-professional partner, you should definitely choose Napier to avoid confusion when erecting the tent.


Other than the storm flaps or rainfly that are provided in a tent’s package, these two tents offer even more amenities. When you buy the tent only, what you get is far beyond your expectation.

The Napier offers extra storage with 2 inside gear pockets, a gear loft hanging from the ceiling, and an expandable carrying bag. Outside, there is a sun awning and GoBe Dry ultimate rain protection system to protect the inside human and gear from severe heat or heavy rain. Due to this feature, the Napier SUV Tent receives many five-star ratings for summer use of the tent.

Moreover, this tent is equipped with a removable screen room which can be removed when not in use.

Inner Capacity

I would suggest the Napier tent as a better option than the Rightline Gear regarding the inner capacity.

For more details, the product from the Napier company offers an ample space whose dimensions are 32 x 15 x 15 inches. By contrast, its counterpart’s interior area is only 26 x 10 x 10 inches.

The Napier tent can contain up to nine people, while the Rightline Gear is suitable for around four to six people to live


The Napier comes with an extra gear loft and two small pockets for a lot more storage. With the 15-foot height at the center, no one has to hunch over or bend back when using a tent.

Plus, most users are satisfied with the large D-shaped door and an attached awning. That ensures the top would not flap around when there is no need. Another entry that connects the main tent to the screen room is available alike.

Concerning the Rightline Gear, suppose you find tired with the bunker Napier tent; think about the Rightline Gear as a great alternative due to its versatile features. That means you can use the tent as a standalone item or mount it on your SUV’s trunk, ultimately increasing the space for storage or relaxation.

More than that, a product from the Rightline Gear brand is well-equipped with various accessories, namely tie-downs, straps, buckles, etc. The storage pockets are also available, providing more spaces for small items you bring in your trip.


The following different feature between the Napier and the Rightline Gear is their materials.

That is to say; the Napier would satisfy most customers with its solid and shock-cored fiberglass poles and steel poles. It offers well-built and robust materials, providing a Polyester Taffeta primary material.

Meanwhile, the tent’s floor is made from polyethylene, ensuring your camping house is lightweight yet durable.

However, cause the seams have not been sealed before, you might need to do that before your camping trip. Using a commercial sealant to seal the seams and stitch holes would help. That increases the tent’s lifespan and protects it from drips and leaks, especially on rainy days.

Besides, the plastic clips should be treated with caution. They are a weak point of the Napier tent, for they might not be strong enough to lock the rainfly to the bottom poles.

Concerning the Rightline Gear, its primary material is fiberglass. One of the highlighted marks of the tent is its sealed seams, which ultimately prevent you from leakages. Besides, you would be comfortable with the tent’s floor for its water-resistant and high-grade polythene. Hardly any moisture can seep into the tent due to the hallmark.

Rightline Gear:



1. Is Rightline Gear useful for a hatchback vehicle?

Yes, it is compatible with any hatchback vehicle. However, you might need a few crafty tweaks when setting it up on the hatchback. For instance, you can take a few magnets and bungee cords to keep the sleeve connected well between the tent and the vehicle.

2. What are the good sides of Napier SUV tents?

When purchasing the Napier SUV tents, most customers are satisfied with their large dimensions, suitable for a family of up to nine people. It can be used for nearly any season of the year, except on the deep-frozen days in winter.

Plus, the tent offers quite a good height, around 15 inches. Hence, you can stand easily and comfortably in the tent.

3. Is it colder to sleep in a tent instead of your car?

There is nearly no difference when you live in a car or a tent, even at night. However, staying inside the vehicle can prevent you from the snow and wind better. Keep insulating your sleeping space to avoid the cold air going all around your area.

4. Is it safe if I run my vehicle when the Napier SUV tent is attached?

No, it is not recommended.

If you intend to run a vehicle engine, DO NOT vent exhaust into a tent. It may harm your tent (the mesh & polyethylene material) and also break the fiberglass parts.

Also, make sure the vehicle muffler has cooled before wrapping the tent under the vehicle frame.

5. Can I connect the Rightline Gear Suv tent to my hatchback vehicle?

It depends, but possibly.

A hatchback is designed to sit lower on the road than an SUV, so you may need to modify the sleeve attachment a little bit. You should use Bungee cords, magnets, painters’ tape, and a couple of crafty hands to have a tight seal against cracks and leaks.

6. Will the Rightline Gear and Napier Suv Tent be easy to disconnect? Can I let it stand freely?

Sure with both tents.

On the Rightline Gear tent, the vehicle sleeve easily disconnects, allowing you to leave the tent behind when you go about the day’s adventures.

In Napier’s case, the standalone structure will transform it from a vehicle tent to a ground tent easily.


All in all, after considering the same and the differences between Rightline Gear Suv Tent Vs Napier, I hope you will understand both models. You should consider the above features, especially the comparative advantages of finding the most suitable SUV tent.                                     

Undeniably, Napier will contribute to your convenient vehicle camping with its extra storage and weather protection. What’s more, you can enjoy the added value of privacy with the feature of vertical zippers on the windows.

However, if you opt for a lightweight and well-structured tent to connect to your vehicles, Rightline Gear is the best option. Just be noted to check the poles and zippers carefully before purchasing or right after receiving the product, so that you can ensure its durability and long-term usage.

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