How To Set Up a Nursery In a Small Room? (2023)

Are you going to have a baby in the next one or two weeks, and you wonder how to set up a nursery in a small room?

As parents, we all want the best things for our babies, including a comfy sleeping area. But, some only have a small space for the project, so they have to minimize their kids’ items.

The article below would show how to set up the space without abandoning your kids’ essentials and bring them their desired room.

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Rules to make a nursery in a tight space (Source: newtonbaby)

How To Set Up A Nursery In A Small Room? A Quick Answer

You should keep in mind six rules when making your children’s area. First, always use the walls and opt for multi-functional products. Besides, take advantage of the door space and furnish your room wisely.

Do not forget to store items smartly and make the room feel bigger while decorating.

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How To Organize Nursery On A Tight Space?

1, Make use of the walls

When decorating or making any space in a small room, the first rule is to use the empty walls. Hang on essentials on the walls cause it can make the tiny nurseries look neat and organized.

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For example, you can purchase a Jetec pegboard to place the babies’ diaper changing supplies and changing pad, then place it on the walls. Keep in mind to classify and put the wipes, diapers, tissues, baby creams, and other kids’ items into separate baskets and buckets.

baby nursery room design

Suppose your babies grow older, take that storage stuff for putting in craft supplies instead of getting rid of them.

Also, cause I have a little daughter, I make a few cute headband holders place her bows and headbands on them. The walls are where I hang the stuff in my 25m2 room.

baby room almari design

Suppose you have more than one girl and have enough time; write down each of your babies’ names on the holders and save time finding.

What’s more, some parents make a diaper changing station or ledge shelves and hang them on the walls. Not only does that take up less space, but it also has a cute look.

baby room decor amazon

Do not forget the hooks in this kind of project. They are small yet functional enough to hang many items, ranging from storage bags, hampers, and diaper candies.

nursery room design

2, Use multi-functional items

The following rule to make a perfect, albeit tiny, nursery is to purchase multi-task items. The ones that can do double duty are always better than those that function only one work.

baby room decor animals

For example, instead of using a changing table, you should buy a REAHOME large dresser that has a changing pad on its top. Besides, you might not need closet doors, for they take up more space. A changing station and dressers are more crucial to create a genuine sense for the room.

baby room decor australia

Plus, some people utilize the walls to create a wall desk. Not only does that not take up much space, but it also saves your money.

There are some types of cribs with drawers built-in on the market. Consider those items to have both a bed and dressers in one place.

how to organize nursery

3, Furnish wisely

When it comes to picking up furniture, do it wisely. That means you should get rid of any redundant products. For example, you might not need a rocker even though your parents said it used to be indispensable in their time.

baby room decor boy

Instead, many innovative items have been made these days, which can fit your limited area better. Take the Delta convertible cribs as great examples.

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They often have the same height on all of their sizes, giving you complete freedom in shaping your kid’s room. Plus, some offer the ability to turn into twin and toddler beds, making them useful for many years.

baby room ideas and decoration

What’s more, most of the time, mommies have to rock their babies in other places than in the nursery. Hence, they prefer a portable rocker to an annoyingly massive nursing glider. Grab one if that is your case, and you can bring your kids everywhere you want, from kitchens, living rooms to outdoors.

how to organize the nursery

4, Make use of the doors

Besides the walls, taking advantage of the doors is my following answer for how to set up a nursery in a small room. It helps save the tiny floor spaces and keep the room neat.

contemporary nursery room designs

Hang small items on the doors with hooks and put them in little baskets, bins, and other accessories.

Besides, think about purchasing a couple of door storage organizers included small pockets. You can place a lot of stuff into the item like lotions, pacifiers, bibs, baby blankets, and others.

how to arrange nursery room

5, Store smartly

It sounds like this is an obvious principle. However, not many parents apply it correctly.

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For example, with parents having the first child, they are often too eager and excited to pick up as many baskets or bins to store their several kids’ stuff as possible. Their first thought might be the more significant numbers of property their baby has, the better.

how to design a daycare infant room

Nevertheless, that is not true in storage nowadays, especially in a small house. In your case, you should pick up the stuff that saves space yet hold many things, such as a Totolot rolling cart. While it is modest, it can stuff several objects like creams, lotions, diapers, or blankets.

nursery room ideas for small spaces

Suppose you want to save money, produce versatile storage crates with hanging closets by yourself. The furniture is beneficial in placing large items and fitting the room’s decor.

Saving more money with another DIY pole for the closet. Storing the double amount of clothes in one closet is better than using two closets with the same function.

how to design a nursery in a small room

To extend the storage ability, use the area under the cribs. You can add one or two big boxes into the space and store mattress pads, blankets, extra sheets, or others.

As you can see, in the art of storing, the less space you need to put in as many items as possible, the better.

how to organize children's room

How to set up a nursery in a small room? (Source: newtonbaby)

6, Make the room feel bigger

Last but not least is to impress your guests with a sense of a large nursery. To do that, you might need a few tricks in decorating.

design nursery room

First, a few colors are often used to cheat the beholder’s eye, including greys, whites, and pastels. You can paint the walls with one of those hues. Plus, the large furniture such as the rocking chair or cribs should use those colors alike.

nursery room ideas for small rooms

Second, do not forget to add suitable lighting to your kid’s room. It helps extend the space’s dimension as well as brighten it up. For example, you can pick up a Q&S wood chandelier and hang it on the ceiling. With the item, the guest’s eyes tend to be drawn up.

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What’s more, while making the small area, focus on the height to compensate for the limited width. That means you can add a couple of accent patterns, such as a wall painted with vertical stripes. While the horizontal lines can create a sensation of a larger room, the vertical ones could make a higher feel.

interior design nursery room

Plus, I love renewing the ceiling with a different color from the rest of the room. For instance, an orange top in a white house would draw your guests’ eyes up and create a dramatic effect in decorating.

how to organize the nursery room

How To Arrange Nursery Room? Best Ideas

1, Make zones

Whether you are making a nursery or any other rooms, planning and dividing it into separate zones first would help. For example, break the area into a sleeping space, a nursing nook, and a diapering station in a kid’s room.

That would give you a deeper insight into efficiently decorating each area.

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2, Diaper changing stations

Now it comes to the first zone: a diaper changing station. Needless to say, when you have a neat station for changing diapers, the duty would become more accessible than ever.

design a nursery room online free

You can use a table if the space is large enough. Otherwise, purchasing a dresser with a better storage possibility is worth thinking about. Those dressers can be used to place wipes, diapers, baby clothes, and others.

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Keep in mind to make the diaper changes as quickly as possible by putting items in close reach. Suppose there is too much stuff to store; buying extra shelves or carts and putting them above the dressers can solve the issue.

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3, Asleep area

Babies spend nearly all day sleeping. Hence, take more time to make a comfy sleep area for them.

In this case, you will need a safe crib, a firm crib mattress like Bubble bear combing with the light bedding. Bear in mind to place those items far from the windows that are often too drafty for kids.

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4, A play area

Besides sleeping, your kids need an area to play and do tummy time. But, how to set up baby’s room containing the place? Add in a few of their favorite toys like the large rings, rattles, soft dolls, and others.

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Also, do not forget a couple of totes or baskets to store those toys after the kids’ playtime. After all, no one wants to see their room disordered or scattered with toys.

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5, Nursing nook

Next, do not forget a nursing nook while making the kid’s place. It must be comfy enough for you to feed and bond with the babies and relax simultaneously.

A cozy and sweet nook should contain a footstool, a comfy nursery chair, lighting, a side table, and nursing pillows. Buy extra baskets so that you can store blankets and swaddles also.

how to organize baby's room

6, Label the drawers

To ultimately boost the drawers’ functions and help find kids’ clothes easier, you should use labels.

nursery in master bedroom ideasnursery room activity ideas

Note down which one is for placing jumpsuits or gowns and for bodysuits and rompers. Keep everything organized, and you will have a perfect place.

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7, Bins and baskets

Never forget the inexpensive, albeit crucial, bins and baskets to store your kid’s items. Bring them into the room to keep your babies’ books, toys, blankets, and others.

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In most cases, those baskets like INDRESSME are the key to a clutter-free nursery.

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8, Wall shelves

Wall shelves are the solution to maximize a small nursery and store many kids’ accessories. For example, you can place photos, books, or keepsakes with the vertical wall space.

nursery design tipsnursery room sizes

Decorating seems never to be easier than that.

Look at this video to know more about how to make a kid’s sleeping area in your room:

How To Set Up A Nursery In A Small Room? People Also Ask

1, Should babies sleep in your room?

With babies less than six months, they should sleep with you, both night and day.

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That is to make sure you can keep track of their demands all the time. Plus, that prevents the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.

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2, What colors can calm your babies?

Five standard colors are helpful in calming babies and helping them sleep easier.

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simple nursery room ideas

First, the subdued blues of aqua or turquoises are the first name on this list.

Also, purples are expected to bring a soothing and relaxing effect on the babies. Earth tones, greens, and pinks can give the same result alike.

nursery room

small nursery room designs

3, Should I run a fan in my baby’s room?

Following many studies and researches, you should bring a fan like a Honeywell into the nursery for your baby’s benefit. It can ease the risk of SIDS by more than 70 percent.

nursery classroom designwhat temperature should a nursery room be

The number is even lower; suppose you let your kids sleep on the stomach or in a warm room.

nursery room design ideaswhich room is best for nursery

Conclusion – How To Set Up a Nursery In a Small Room?

To conclude, above is the leading information related to how to set up a nursery in a small room.

The most crucial tip you should remember in this case is to make use of walls.

When you know how to take advantage of the height to alternate the limited width, most areas will become organized and neat no matter how many items they store.

Plus, furnishing wisely is another rule. Not only does that tip save your money, but it also creates a clutter-free area alike.

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