How To Organize A Playroom On A Budget? 7 Useful Tips (2023)

When I had my first kid, I was always worried about her playing area, and I wondered, “How to organize a playroom on a budget?”

For sure, a separate playroom helps grow my child’s creative play and keeps the rest of my house away from the mess. But, doing it while lacking money is not an easy task.

After much research and studies, I finally have a dedicated room for my kid to play at a reasonable cost.

Suppose you also have the same question as mine, scroll down to know the complete answer!

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Rules to have a cheap playroom (Source: design-tips.floorplanner)

How To Organize A Playroom On A Budget? A Quick Answer

Eight popular rules are shared between housemakers to create a cheap playroom. First, making an accent wall and picking up the right paint is crucial. Then, there should be a comfortable floor combined with a neutral theme and stuff that grows with children.

Think about helpful storage solutions and doing those missions by yourself alike.

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7 Useful Tips For How To Organize A Playroom On A Tight Budget

1, Make an accent wall

When beautifying a room, never forget the blank walls. In the case of the playroom, I suggest making an accent wall to save money.

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There are some ideas you can refer to while doing the mission, including:

  • Painted mural: Not only the room for your kids’ playing but also others like living rooms can have painted murals as impressive decorations. It is expected to convert the area into a fun space.

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  • Chalkboard accent wall:

Many kids love playing with chalks and paint, so they might get into trouble while innocently drawing all-around your house’s walls.

That is when you should invest in a bottle of chalkboard paint. Use the color from ceiling to floor so that your babies can be creative with their ideas.

Plus, when they get older, you can note down quotes, lessons, and messages as well.

playroom ideas for boy and girl

Suppose you are afraid of dust, purchase the dustless chalk. The product often has an eraser built-in.

  • Decals or wallpaper:

Funny and exciting decals or wallpaper are pretty cheap compared to other furnishing items.

Hence, I suggest using a bright hue to color the room. For example, you can stick a World Happy map on the wall. Not only do they gain knowledge for your kids, but they are also cute.

creative playroom storage ideas

2, Use the right paint

A crucial role in designing any room is to pick up the correct paint. It has a significant impact on whether you can transfer the area successfully.

With a playroom, the problem of kids spreading their food or paint all the time causes parents to be annoyed. As a result, I suggest you purchase a can of washable paint. Then, those messes can be solved quickly with no difficulty.

That must be cheaper than painting all the room again just because of a couple of specks of dirt.

little boy playroom ideas

3, Create a comfortable floor

For the great benefit of your kids, making the floor as comfortable as possible is essential. That is to say; there are a couple of tips you should keep in mind when answering the question “How to organize a playroom on a budget?”.

First, think about blankets. Pleasant and warm blankets ensure your children have a great time while playing with their friends or reading.

Also, do not forget a high-end rug.

playroom ideas for toddlers

Have you ever got into the case when your kids are running then suddenly falling over? There is a high chance that their knee, arm, or head would get hurt, especially with a hard floor.

That is when you should pick up a high-quality rug such as Rugshop Geometric Boho.

It must be soft and easy to clean as well. Plus, measure the floor’s size before purchasing the rug. It is either too small or large; compared with the floor, it is unsafe.

For example, I love cotton or washable synthetic rugs.

They require a low cost, and they are easy to wash.

Besides, if you prefer a better type, think about wool rugs.

Their unique material makes them resistant to flame and water. Plus, it is not hard to clean them. Their bright color also shows you the stains quickly.

If you have those rugs often washed, picking a darker color that fits your room’s theme is acceptable.

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4, Use a neutral theme

A room for kids should have a neutral theme, making it useful for many years.

It would be best to avoid designs for a particular gender and decorations for a specific character for more details. Humans, especially kids, change all the time.

Today, they might like this adorable Chinese baby doll, tomorrow they can suddenly get addicted to games and computers.

You can not always run around after your babies’ likes and dislikes, can’t you?

For the reasons, making the room as neutral as possible is some of the best ways to organize a playroom.

how to organize a playroom on a budget

5, Storage solutions

In a playroom, toys are one of the main items that take up the most space. Hence, it would be better to have a couple of tips and tricks to store them neatly.

First, think about using Humble Crew storage bins for small toys. There are some kinds of storage bins that have different compartments. Pick up that type if you have a lot of stuff to put in.

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Besides, I love using small bookshelves cause my kid has a deep interest in books and novels. Since she was a toddler, she had known how to take the books down from those low shelves. In my opinion, they could make her more independent in the future.

Plus, when I was too busy with work, I could tell her to put those items back on the shelf on her own.

Gradually, she acquires a habit of storing things on her own.

You can use DUOLEO baskets with large toys that offer more space to place stuff. Pick up those with collapsing features helps you more in the saving area.

Next, think about the double-duty seating. For example, you can pick up a storage ottoman. Not only does it offer comfy seats, but it also includes a storage area.

how to organize a small playroom

6, Do it yourself

Diving into DIY projects helps you save a lot of money when building any area. In the case of a playroom, think about creating kid-friendly items on your own or using second-hand furniture.

In any way, be confident to do it by yourself, and there is a high chance you would get the desired room at a low cost.

how to decorate a playroom on a budget

7, Stuff growing with kids

Nowadays, there are hundreds of kid’s items on the market, so picking up the right one is crucial.

In my experience, you should choose those that can be in use for a long time. Avoid puzzles or tiny table and chair sets if you do not throw them away after a few months or years.

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Children grow faster than you expect. Today, they are just like a small cat in your arms. Then, when you have not even realized, they suddenly know how to walk, talk, love, and leave you.

Hence, opt for suitable and full-size stuff for permanent usage.

Take a sturdy coffee table like the Household as a great example. When your child is still young, it can be used as a desk. But when they get older, the table could become an area for coffee talks.

An adjustable chair and table set are also worth thinking about. While it requires a higher price than usual, it fits most space as well as your kid’s size.

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How To Organize A Small Playroom? 5 Best Ideas

1, Use your kid’s artwork

Many children love unleashing their creativity in painting and drawing.

Then, let them make their playroom’s accent wall. Bring them a couple of paints, and there might be a chance they would give you a Picasso-like product. Meanwhile, it costs no coin.

playroom storage ideas diy

Otherwise, some people pick up the best of their kid’s artwork collection to hang on the wall.

That prevents children from toxic paint walls. In that case, my advice is to use a frame display. The product does not limit the work’s size.

Plus, it can contain a wide range of items such as photos, cards, or notes.

children's gaming room ideas

2, Have a homework area

Whether large or small, most playrooms include homework or a craft area. That ensures kids have their place to do homework or practice crafts without disturbance.

To build the area, you need a chair and a steady table.

Suppose there is no place to store craft or homework stuff; add in one.

playroom storage

I suggest using a table like Delta with surfaces drawn on and cleaned off quickly concerning those items’ features.

You might not know when your children are bored and want to paint their table.

Besides, the chair should be light enough so that you can move it wherever you desire.

Sometimes, you might need to use the chair to feed your restless kids.

Plus, check those items every month in case they become wobbly.

Tighten the screws if needed. Of course, you do not have to do that if you are willing to pay for a woody, albeit expensive, set and table and chair.

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3, Repurpose furniture

One of the most common methods to save money is to dig into your old and unused items.

While you should not bring back old memories too often, that is the opposite of the actual materials, especially those on a tight budget.

playroom storage ideas

For instance, in the case of a playroom, take advantage of old buffets, cabinets, dressers, and bookshelves for placing items.

Keep in mind to check them and remove any rough edges or sharp corners.

You are purchasing secure and heavy-duty straps if you have to install large pieces of furniture on the wall. That would prevent those stuff from toppling over.

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How to organize a playroom on a budget (Source: myrusticretreat)

4, Make use of the walls

Whenever someone asks me how to build a small room and save money simultaneously, I always mention the walls as their high merit.

Simply because you do not have to purchase expensive cabinets yet have an impressive storage area.

Just use a Wallniture shelf and hang them on a dedicated wall’s part. Bear in mind that they are only for small toys and books.

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5, Make seating on the floor

The next gift you can give your kids in their playrooms is a couple of seats.

You need a budget-friendly bean bag or some pillows. Then, you would have a squishy and soft area for your children to read and rest.

When the playtime ends, use the bean bag to store pillows, blankies, and animals to make the room uncluttered.

Moreover, removing the bag’s cover to wash it every month would ultimately protect your kids from dirt and dust.

Look at this video to learn more about arranging a room for kids to play and save money:

How To Organize A Playroom On A Budget? People Also Ask

1, How to declutter and arrange a playroom?

You should declutter some items in a playroom to make them neater.

First, remove outgrown and broken toys and those with small parts.

Get rid of toy storage containers like toy boxes if possible. Besides, there is no need to keep electronic toys, video games, puzzles, card games, board games, and stuffed animals.

boy and girl shared playroom ideas

2, How to maximize a playroom’s area?

I suggest some tips hack playrooms’ spaces. First, use wire baskets to arrange toys and wicker baskets to store toys. Next, do not forget helpful storage boxes, tiered storage units, and built-in cabinets. I also have photo ledges to display and arrange my toys, combined with high shelves to increase storage capacity.

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3, How many toys should I put in a playroom?

Following some experts, 20 toys are a suitable number for any playroom. It would be best if you let kids pick up their 20 favorite playthings.

Then, put the rest into a storage box and get rid of them. You can also sell, donate, or give them away.

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To conclude, above is the complete answer for the question, “How to organize a playroom on a budget?”

Apart from some tips I suggest, you can consider the best recent ideas as a great reference. For instance, using your children’s artwork would encourage their creative ability and save money at the same time.

Besides, having a homework area helps your kids focus on their work. You can also use the light chair or table in the space for other purposes if needed.

Hopefully, the info has helped you have a perfect playroom for your babies.

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