How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space? (2023)

You have had to work from home for a long time, and you wonder how to make a home office in a small space.

There are a few stylish, albeit simple, tips and tricks you can use to achieve the goal.

They are all included in this article, coming together with the best ideas to decorate the working area.

how to set up a home office in a small space

A few tips and tricks to build home offices (Source: thespruce)

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space? A Quick Answer

You should remember five rules when creating an office in your small room.

First, setting it up in a closet and using the awkward areas would ultimately save space.

Second, you should prioritize the height instead of the limited width. Putting in dividing bookshelves and a fold-up desk is your last task to perfect the working area.

home office furniture

How To Set Up A Home Office In A Small Space?

1, An office in a closet

Some people call this rule “cloffice,” referring to the combination between a closet and an office.

When I first heard this word, I was annoyed and scared. I wondered how such a small closet for typically putting clothing items could become a good workspace? It can. It can even be transferred into a pretty cozy working place.

Plus, it does not cost much to make the cloffice. A few dollars to purchase for a couple of wooden shelves is all you need in this case. Find them in any nearby hardwood store.

Also, most closets contain doors. That means you can hide the working area when not used. Suppose you use a former cabinet that lacks doors; think about creating a sliding door or a curtain. That might make your room an extra sensation of warmth and impression.

Besides, you should add from two to three wall-to-wall planks to increase the storage space. It makes the area look sleek alike.

They like a colorful office for some, so they put in a few pieces of removable wallpapers. A friendly office might never lack those subtle items.

home office setup ideas

2, Make use of awkward areas

Most houses would include one or two awkward areas under stairs or slanted ceilings.

Add in custom-made shelves and leave a little space for storage, and you will have a versatile home office in the nook.

A genius method to take advantage of a slanted ceiling is to attach narrow boxes to it. You can store books and papers in there, replacing them with extended tall shelves.

how to create a home office in a small space

3, Prioritize the height

There is no better decoration solution than using the room’s height to compensate for its narrow width.

Of course, if you are lucky enough to have high ceilings, such as in a studio apartment. You can buy a loft bed and set up the office underneath. For some, a home office is more crucial than a low bed.

4, Dividing bookshelves

Dividing bookshelves mean you should use the shelves as dividing walls and separate your office from other areas in your house.

That ensures you will have a little privacy while working and hide the area when not used. Plus, whether you have another hang bookshelf or not, there are more places to store papers anyway.

When purchasing the bookshelves, go up the open cabinets, adding more light for the areas overall.

5, A fold up desk

The last crucial item to complete the office is a fold-up desk. Cause the area is limited, a desk that can be folded up when not needed is a great option.

There are many kinds of desks in some local stores.

Besides, you can do it yourselves. Just keep in mind it should be big enough for working. Also, a table with a water-resistant wooden top would be the best choice for its long lifespan and high aesthetics.

home office setup

How To Create A Home Office In Small Space? 13 Best Ideas

Now you know how to make a simple office in your small house, that would be helpful to learn more about the best ideas to beautify the area.

1, Paint to zone in

First and foremost, nothing is more common than paint when you want to characterize the workplace in an open-plan room.

Bear in mind to use a distinct panel with the wall’s color. It should be a little wider than your desk and a bit lower than the ceiling. That would lead to an impressive framed background for the office.

2, Make use of walls

When it comes to a tiny space, your sole option is to maximize its function. That means, take advantage of every inch of the wall.

You can buy or make fold-down compartments and hang them on the wall. Not only does the method expand the storage space, but it also brings ample space for the table. Plus, you can fold the flat compartments against the wall when not used.

setting up home office small space

3, A corner of the kitchen

Do you know that a kitchen can be both a cooking and working area?

Once you have not known, now you know. That is quite common in tiny houses that do not own such a luxurious room just for working.

Instead, you need a corner to build up an office. To do that, purchase a small table and a comfy chair and put them in a light corner of your kitchen. The table should be placed against the wall and the chair used for other functions when not needed.

That will ultimately save more valuable floor space.

4, Inside a cupboard

How to make a home office in a small space?

Think about using a cupboard as a tiny office instead of laying down cups, bowls, or other small household stuff.

The first benefit is that you can shut it away when not needed.

Plus, that prevents the computer or screen presence from invading the small living area. Sometimes, the office inside the cupboard also helps me forget the long-lasting tasks and work projects for a while when I want to relax.

It would be best if you had a few things when converting a used cupboard into an office.

First, a few shelves to store papers are indispensable. Make a running board to place the keyboard. Suppose you have the habit of keeping tickets, to-do lists, or postcards, buy some pinboards and stick them on the cupboard doors alike.

home office setup furniture

5, Wallpaper

Wallpapers are the following ideas to make the small rooms, especially rental ones, an exciting and impressive pattern.

Besides the wallpapers, you can also think about murals, wall-mounted clipboards, or pinboards. All of them can help create a unique backdrop for the working area and distract your guests from the messy desk.

6, Behind closed doors

A key point when making the offices is not to blend it with your pleasure. That means you should hide your office clutter behind closed doors and avoid it encroaching on other spaces.

Buying a cupboard and storing your working essentials inside would help. Purchase some boxes, jars, files, and a trolley to keep the area neat and under control.

home office furniture sets

7, Corner off spaces

When I do not have a separate room for an office, I prefer double using my living room.

For the reason that these days, my work and social life have not separated anymore, instead entwined.

However, to keep the room still have the sense of a living room, I also pick up some family pictures and hang them on the wall.

8, Use the theme

Picking up a theme that fits your personality may positively affect your job performance.

For instance, suppose you want a cherry office with a library-like sensation.

Use a single panel like white and a statement wallpaper idea. Plus, ultimately, take advantage of the wall to place shelves and store as many books, paperwork, and files as you want.

My advice is not to be lazy and jazz up the corner to give it a unique character.

making a home office in a small space

Use suitable theme (Source: thespruce)

9, Upcycle used furniture

Using brand-new office items is not your only choice to create a home office. Instead, upcycling existing stuff would save much money, especially when you do not often use the area. It can replace office-like items alike.

For example, you can combine two bedside tables and create a mini desk. Plus, do not get rid of the package boxes cause you can repaint and mount them on the wall to substitute for shelves. Of course, do not overload the used items no matter how strong the wall fixings.

10, White color

How to make a home office in a small space?

Picking up a white color might help. Cause a white wall is always easier to decorate and hang on your lovely pictures and photographs. Also, the hue is an extraordinary land to unleash your creativity with themes and stand-alone stuff. For example, a black desk lamp and bright-color shelf unit make a cohesive feel.

Plus, soothing white shades are proven to give you a warmer sensation, a calm feel, and the illusion of a more extensive area.

11, Beautify walls

There are some ways to decorate the walls to zone into the workspace. Some like using pinboards that have the same width as the desk.

Besides, you can choose some soft colors for decorating walls like grays or taupe. They tend to make you more comfortable while working.

home office furniture sets black

12, A multi-purpose space

Using a space with more than a purpose is what you can see in tiny houses simply because they lack a dedicated room.

For example, many people use the bedroom as a home office. If that is your case, think about blending the huge table seamlessly into the space with accessories, trinkets, or a gallery wall.

Use a simple type of fabric for popping the chair and having a perfectly cozy area in your house.

13, A bedside table

Ultimately taking up the valuable space in your small room is what you should bear in mind.

That means there is no reason if you have a large enough blank wall next to your bed, yet you ignore it.

Put on a wall-mounted unit that also plays the role of a desk.

With compartments, you can store books, fresh flowers, and a sleeping lamp. To perfect the desk, lay down a charming small stool also.

Look at this video to know more about building a small home office:

How To Make A Home Office In A Small Space? People Also Ask

1, Should my office table face windows?

Following the feng shui, you should not put the desk facing the windows.

That tends to distract you from your work. Instead, they are best when being at your side. Then, you can view the side when relaxing.

2, How to convert my room into an office?

There are eight steps you can think about to turn rooms into offices.

First, consider where to put the office in your house before writing down tasks needed to complete the area.

Then, choose the right decor theme, a suitable desk, and a chair.

The next stage is to make the right fixtures, store areas, and characterize your space.

home office furniture setup ideas

3, Which direction should you choose for a home office?

It mostly depends on your needs.

However, following feng shui, east and north are promising directions for making auspicious works and fresh feels.

Suppose you work in a service industry or as a professional; the office should face the east side. But given that you are a businessman, the north side is a better choice for it is called the side of the god of wealth.


To sum up, above is the information related to how to make a home office in a small space.

The core rule is to make use of any corner in the area, such as the closet, a slanted ceiling, or under the stair. Not only does that method save your money and space, but it is also expected to give you a comfy working area.

Besides, think about a fold-up desk for its being versatile and functional.

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