How To Decorate A Small Mudroom? 15 Tips You Should Know (2023)

When it comes to organizing houses, some people have the same question, “How to decorate a small mudroom?”

Unlike the tricky name, a mudroom could have impressive style potential.

Plus, it is the first place your guests notice when they come to your home. Hence, beautifying it instead of transferring it into a mess with bulky outwears, dirty shoes, or several pet items is a must.

Scroll down to the article below, and you will know the best tips, tricks, and ideas to furnish the small area!

how to decorate a mudroom

Tips and tricks for making mudrooms (Source: homestoriesatoz)

How To Decorate A Small Mudroom? A Quick Answer

There are nine valuable tips and tricks you should keep in mind when making any small mudroom. First, use light shades and colors with flexible storage and minimize the mess. Also, fake closets and mail control centers are indispensable.

Plus, make use of the walls, maximize the light, and focus on the shoe spots as well.

How To Make A Small Mudroom? 9 Useful Tips And Tricks

1, Light shades and colors

The first rule in designing a small area, not only the mudroom, is to opt for light shades and colors. For the reason that the dark shades often make the space seem smaller while the light ones can reflect the natural light pretty well.

That is also why many people choose to paint the room with white, pastel, or neutral hues and avoid the black or dark blue ones.

small mudroom decorating ideas

2, Flexible storage

Flexible storage means you should use several storage types for many purposes.

For example, think about storage benches with functional drawers and compartments.

In summer, it can hide stuff, ranging from umbrellas, hoses, books, or oven beach toys. Plus, put your bags and keys on the benches’ top to save more space.

Also, flexible storage means you can change the items inside the baskets or bins whenever you want.

For instance, a hook can hold your scarf in winter, while in summer, that item might be where the damp beach towels are kept.

3, Minimize mess

Whether it is a small or large mudroom, never leave them alone with mess if you do not want to be criticized by your guests.

To prevent the situation, I often use durable sisal or outdoor rug. Not only does it dress up the area, but it can also trap dust effectively.

Besides, purchasing high cabinets with doors is worth considering.

First, its height compensates well for the space’s limited width. Similarly, the cabinet closed doors can hide most of your not-arranged stuff and give the room a neat look again.

how to decorate mudroom

4, Use any space

How to decorate a small mudroom?

Suppose it is too small, that makes it not a real mudroom, no need to worry. Any entryway can become highly functional with just a few pieces, such as a slim case, a bench, and wall-mounted cubbies.

For instance, using a bench means you both offer your guests a seating area and remind them to remove dirty shoes as well. That gets even more useful with built-in benches. You can store stuff and place your books under it simultaneously.

5, Fake closets

Bins, hooks, and peg racks can play the role of fake closets due to their storage capability.

Given that you have children stick the pins at your kid’s height so that they can hang items by themselves.

6, Mail control center

Creating a mail control center in the mudroom would help if you receive mails often.

Then, you can sort the emails when it comes and discard some when the piles appear.

There are two common kinds of mails in most households: the important and the recycling-bound.

That is to say; you should build two areas for them. That also prevents you from letting essential papers like tax bills or party invites sit in the box mail for months.

mudroom ideas with bench

7, Make use of the walls

A small entryway does not mean it must lack decors.

You can use the walls to hang a few pieces of vintage pictures or scenic photographs. It would ultimately polish your mudroom.

8, Shoe spots

A mat or tray laid under the benches can become valuable shoe spots. They are good at avoiding muddy footprints and dirt spreading around your house. Also, a dry and neat mudroom might be the desire of most housemakers.

9, Maximize the light

Last but not least is to light up the area. Often, a mudroom is darker than other areas in your house. That makes it look smaller and prevent you from taking what you want from time to time.

Hence, investing in pendant and wall-mounted lamps are worth it. They save space and maximize the light at the same time.

mudroom bench

How To Decorate A Mudroom? Best Ideas

Now you have known some tips and tricks in building a small mudroom, it is helpful to look at the best ideas in this field.

1, Visual flow

Make sure there is a visual flow in doorless mudrooms.

That means those areas are not only bunkers for storing. Beyond that, they must blend and complement well with other rooms in your house.

For example, suppose the mudroom lies next to a white-and-blue kitchen; think about using striped wallpaper with the same color. Then, the central theme is not disrupted right behind the door.

2, Get organized

How to decorate mudroom?

Remember that an organized and clean system is always more impressive than a colorful, albeit cluttered, one. Hence, think about carefully arranging items in the mudrooms to look neat. For instance, you can fix the hooks for collars and leashes on the door while using the bench to place human items and dirty shoes.

Suppose you have garden supplies; put them on the top of the bench. Other containers or baskets can lie on the built-in shelves.

mudroom bench with storage

3, A sink

It is better to double its functions when you have an independent room just for people putting their dirty or wet items.

That means you can add a sink so that it can serve as a greenhouse or a gardening shed alike.

Especially, suppose you do not have a natural greenhouse in the yard; nothing can substitute better than the room. Keep in mind to add an extra skylight to use the natural lights.

4, Scale back

There is no need to have a massive mudroom to keep your guests’ shoes or wet clothing. Instead, some people use the back entrance as a valuable and save-space alternative.

To transfer the little nook, you only need a few items: a couple of fresh throw pillows, custom millwork, and a charming wallpaper as a backdrop.

how to make a small mudroom

5, Skip furniture

From time to time, you may prefer to skip huge cabinets or benches cause they negatively affect the visual flow or mess the hallways.

There is no need to fear the change as long as it makes your room neat and functional.

Especially for a small mudroom, creating two rows of hooks across the wall tends would do a better job than large or luxurious items.

6, An area rug

Area rugs are great options suppose you want to add extra warmth, comfort, and decorative interest into the mudroom. Significantly, the carpet is the perfect combination with resilient and durable tiles for flooring.

For instance, I suggest you choose cheerful printed rugs to warm the space up with black tiles.

7, Pet accessories

Are you having a couple of dogs or cats, yet there is no room to place their feeding bowls?

The mudroom can be a solution. Install those bowls under the benches so that you can tuck them away whenever not needed. For a unique theme, purchasing your favorite pet-print wallpaper would help.

mudroom bench with storage and hooks

8, A dog shower

A good mudroom is a functional mudroom. That means you should think about its usage before anything else.

You are taking a mud-plus-laundry room as an excellent example. You can double use the space by putting an extra dryer and washer vertically. Besides, if you still have the area, install a doggy shower for both showering your dogs and cleaning nearby spaces.

9, Fun stuff

How to decorate a small mudroom?

Using fun stuff like bold accent materials and pieces is a great way to draw your guests’ eyes away from directly storing items in the tiny area.

For instance, you can pick up a mint green hue to refresh the floors and whimsical wallpapers.

how to decorate small foyer with stairs

Fun stuff to draw the eyes up (Source: homestoriesatoz)

10, Play with seating

Try to make the seating in your mudroom comfier. Not only does it help ease your friends’ stress before coming into your house, but it also creates a better-looking area.

That means, suppose the floors have a marble diamond motif; I suggest using an upholstered cushion with a white-and-blue lattice pattern. The repetition in designing houses would bring perfect harmony.

11, Fun color

Are you frustrated with your drab mudroom? Nothing can solve the problem better than using fun and bold colors.

For example, you can use bright orange wallpapers to refresh those tedious rooms.

12, Using curtains

A way to hide the ugly and cluttered shelves without buying expensive cabinets is to use curtains. They also soften the hard-edged areas.

For instance, next to a roomy grey sink, you can hang dark red fabric panels. Put on a couple of plants and turn into a potting shed.

13, Mix indoors and outdoors

Due to bringing life indoors, some people like using outdoor-friendly items to decorate their mudroom. For example, you can install a skylight, long-lasting flooring, and a skylight to make effective use of the natural light.

Besides, try to warm the area up with light grey paints on the wall and cheerful throw pillows.

mudroom ideas

14, A Dutch door

A Dutch door can be an exciting and functional option for the mudroom.

It offers two separate parts that can close and open independently. Then, open the upper part whenever you want to take natural light from outside without letting your pets or kids go out.

Otherwise, suppose you only need a gate for the pets, close or open the bottom part.

15, Add in a laundry

For a large mudroom, you can add extra laundry with a clothes horse.

But, stick in mind not to make the space look cramped or small.

Try a bright white color for the cabinets and light blue wallpapers alike to avoid the situation.

Otherwise, watch this video to know more about awesome mudroom ideas:

How To Decorate A Small Mudroom? People Also Ask

1, How to make mud rooms look better?

A catchall space is what you need to prevent a cluttered hallway.

For example, I suggest buying a plain bench for your guests sitting down and putting off their dirty shoes.

Plus, purchasing a few storage baskets to arrange similar items and lay them under the bench.

There must be bags, coats, and hats, so never forget to install a row of hooks on the wall.

2, Is my mudroom going out of style?

If you are using a 100-year-old house and you have not changed any detail in the mudroom, then, yes, it is out-of-date.

On the other hand, most recent mudrooms have been transferred into a modern style to fit apartments and houses.

That means they are not only dull boxes connecting the kitchen and garage.

3, How to update mudrooms?

There are many ways to refresh those mudrooms, like giving them extra cheerful throws or purchasing light wallpapers.

But, the most efficient method I notice is to replace the door. Instead of an old solid-core door, you can change it into a French door. That promises to create a new feeling for the mudrooms.


To conclude, above is the complete information related to the question, “How to decorate a small mudroom?”

Besides some tips and tricks like faking the closets or using light shades and colors, you can refer to some of the best ideas to beautify the room. For example, you can purchase fun stuff like whimsical wallpapers or a couple of small tree pots to draw eyes from the storing items.

What’s more, using curtains to hide the cluttered shelves and soften the sharp edges is worth thinking about.

In a nutshell, I hope that knowledge has helped you a lot in having a desirable mudroom.

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