How To Decorate a Small Guest Room? All You Need To Know (2023)

I often have my friends, and family members visit my house, so a spare bedroom is all I need to make them feel at home. Are you wondering how to decorate a small guest room without turning it into a home gym or a storage space?

For this reason, after much research and studies, I have found a few essentials for the area and some fantastic ideas to have a stylish guest room.

Please scroll down to this piece of paper to know which they are and how to apply it to your own house!

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Have compact bedding for small guest rooms (Source: countryliving)

How To Decorate A Small Guest Room? A Quick Answer

You should bear in mind some tips when choosing items for spare bedrooms, including using fresh and compact bedding, adequate lighting, a storage place around the bed, and a small mirror.

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Besides, you can take the headboard as a bookcase – desk, hang the lamp, and take advantage of the wall space. Lengthen drapes and getting a clothing rack are great ideas alike. Do not forget to minimize the stuff included, after all.

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How To Decorate A Small Guest Room? 10 Useful Tips And Tricks

1, A fresh and compact bedding

A fresh and small-sized bed is the first thing you need for a guest room.

Do not use the queen-sized bed like your usual bedrooms to save more inches for the area.

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It prevents your rooms from becoming overwhelmed by too many items.

Plus, that is a great way to have your guests put their stuff in the space.

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2, A storage space around the bed

Create additional storage space by moving the bed near to the wall.

Plus, avoid putting it near the window and keep in mind to make the aisles on both bed sizes open.

That would help your visitors have easier access to the bed. The critical point here is to serve their demands as much as possible.

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3, Small mirrors

Whether a spare bedroom or other rooms in your house, a mirror is a trick to make the space look larger.

However, a vast mirror is more than they can purchase for some. That is when using a small one would help. It has the same effects, but it also saves space and money.

A mirror is what you need to make your rooms inviting and desirable.

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4, A headboard as a bookcase

Using the headboard and transferring it into a bookcase is another idea to save space.

That is much better than buying a standalone bookshelf, which would cost you more areas.

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5, Hang lamps

Do you want the rooms more attractive with a suitable lighting system, albeit saving spaces?

Hang some lamps like pendants, lanterns, or chandeliers would do the job.

Significantly, the chandelier can create a chic focal point for the room.

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6, Use wall space

Wall space is one of the central decorations in a small room.

That means you do not have to use complex artworks in this case.

Instead, some small accessories such as scarves and hats can be hung on the walls and should be far from the closets.

That makes the rooms more prominent than usual.

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7, Lengthen drapes

Long drapes are expected to give a significant change into a spare bedroom. Remarkably, as a white lover, I suggest you use the long white drapes to create an appealing room. Plus, the white hue tends to soften the light and make the area sense bigger.

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8, A clothing rack

Most guest rooms do not have any closets.

To solve the problem, pick up a suitable clothing rack for your guests to hang their clothing items. Besides, that might be a fun way to decorate the room.

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9, Minimize stuff

A core principle to make any small rooms is to minimize stuff to avoid cramped areas.

For instance, once you already have a closet, it is not worth purchasing another bulky wardrobe.

Instead, adding a small sofa or a coffee table as a seating area would be more helpful.

Plus, the room’s decor is still too plain to add extra cute stuff that can solve the issue.

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10, Have a bedside shelf

Please do not opt for an oversized table to serve your busy guests. Just a fixed bedside shelf is what you need for the rooms to ultimately save space.

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How To Decorate A Small Guest Bedroom? 15 Best Ideas And Essentials For An Inviting And Warm Guest Room

1, Convert a nook

Many houses do not have actual guest rooms recently.

That is when you need to make a nook in another room.

It should be an alcove deep enough to put in a guest bunk.

Remember to add extra drawers for your guests to keep their items.

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2, Make Use of the attic

Have you seen the famous “Rooftop Prince” movie about the story of five people living in an attic?

That is to say, if five people can live happily in an attic, there is no reason why you can not make your inviting guest rooms from the space.

The critical point to decorate the rooms is to notice the sloped or low ceiling.

To tackle the problem, you should ensure all the stuff has a low height. Plus, buy a pendant light to make the rooms polished.

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How to decorate a small guest room?

3, A phone on the bedside shelf

Some households now still install landlines, so they always put a phone on the bedside shelf of the guest bedroom.

That also helps if your friend’s cell phone needs to be recharged or your cell service is not stable.

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4, A minibar

A minibar is a great idea to put in your guest rooms.

Suppose you want to make it more private with hotel-like vibes. That is even better once the rooms lie separately from the main house.

Do not forget to keep the bar clean and empty after your guests have left.

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5, Towels and a robe

Nothing is more inviting than a guest room furnished like a hotel. That means it should contain some essentials such as slippers, towels, and a robe.

Laying down a carafe of water would perfect the services.

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6, Darker tone

Darker tones are what keep the bedrooms cozy and intimate. Besides, minimize the clutter and streamline items to save more area.

Nothing is better than sconces near the headboard if you want to mimic a five-star hotel room.

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7, A breakfast on a bench

If you want to gain a distinct impression from the guests, providing them with a breakfast place on the bench would be a great option.

Remember to lay down the seat at the end of the bed to form a refined sensation for the area.

That also prevents the bed from water spillage.

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8, Dial-up arts

Characteristic rooms often contain some unique features, such as a gallery wall.

Those arts, combined with a rustic radio and an alarm clock, would not take up much space yet give the room nice touches and like-home features.

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9, Fresh Flowers

Remember to put in a vase of fresh flowers to create a more exciting room.

Of course, it might not be a considerable, albeit mighty, detail.

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10, Prioritize natural lights

How to decorate a small guest room?

According to many experts, any room, not only the guest on, should receive a suitable amount of natural lights flooding in.

Otherwise, suppose you do not want to purchase costly blackout shades; providing your friends with a few sleep masks would help.

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11, A television

To serve the visitors’ entertaining demands while they are alone or hard to sleep, you can add an extra TV.

Hang it opposite the bedding.

Also, never forget the classic items for a bedroom, including traditional and high-end bedding, a canopy bed, full drapes, and a small mirror. Consider some fun throw pillows to create a warmer and fun feel for the area.

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12, Greenery

There has been a trend of bringing greenery into the house of late. That pledges to balance the environment and helps it be lively.

For this reason, do not hesitate to pick up some plants for the guest room, such as a snake plant or a Bird of Paradise tree.

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13, Sleekness

For many, nothing is better than a sleek and streamlined bedroom, especially when they want to relax after a long and tiring day.

Hence, it would be best to diminish any clutter or reduce built-in furniture for your guest room.

Plus, given that it is cold or chilly, put on an additional blanket at the bed’s end. Remember to fold it down.

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14, A workspace

If the rooms are large enough, provide your guests with a small workspace. A desk, a table lamp, a side chair, or even a console are what the space should involve.

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15, Choose a theme

Go with a theme that reflects your house’s surroundings.

For instance, if you want to decorate a coastal bedroom for kids, pick up a nautical ship theme with bunk beds and light colors.

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16, Layered rugs

Suppose you want to add extra color and pattern for the room; using the layered colorful or pink rugs would help.

Please put it on top of the wall-to-wall carpet and under the bed to define the area.

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Put in layered rugs (Source: countryliving)

17, Twin beds

From time to time, you might have more than one guest staying at night at the same time, but there is only one spare bedroom.

That is when you need twin beds like ones with the classic white bedding and headboards suiting the wallpapers.

Plus, you might want to decorate the beds with embroidered coverlets for a traditional and formal look.

Gingham skirts are expected to give an extra delightful finish.

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18, Keep books

A fully loaded bookshelf is another item you need for a guest room.

Especially suppose your guests find it hard to sleep, putting books on the side table might be better than a bench or your lovely family photos.

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19, Little ledge

A little ledge is what you need to fill in a cramped quarter.

It can replace a large table well enough to put on a book, a reading light, and a small bud vase.

Take a look at this video to know more ideas about building small guest rooms:

How To Decorate A Small Guest Room? People Also Ask

1, How to make a stylish guest room?

A stylish and unique aesthetic often contains wall art, statement headboard, and built-in lighting.

Plus, never forget a window seat where your guests can cozy up instead of in the living room. Put on a dresser to store their belongings alike.

which colour is best for guest room

2, What color is the best for guest rooms?

Three color palettes can fit any guest room. The comforting brown design is the first one on this list.

It is expected to give a serene feature to the room, especially when combined with bright pastels.

Plus, creamy neutrals and a blue-ribbon blend are worth your consideration as two trendy colors this year.

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3, Where to put a mirror in guest rooms?

A mirror should lie behind a closet door or over the sink.

Not only does that help your guests look at themselves, but the position tends to reflect lights better from a window. Plus, a mirror can make the rooms look larger.

4, How to make a guest room look like a hotel room?

There are seven ideas to make guest rooms that mimic hotel rooms.

First, take care of the bedding by adding comfy cushions and soft linens. Also, the rooms should contain a bedside table, a reading nook, aroma, beauty stuff, refreshment station, and closet space.

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Conclusion – How To Decorate a Small Guest Room?

To sum up, the above is a complete guide to decorating a small guest room.

Keep in mind to focus on compact and relaxing bedding, a suitable storage area, and minimize the items as best as you can.

We hope that this information has helped you have the most inviting guest room for any visitor.

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