How To Decorate a Small Entryway Table? (2023)

When you have a new house, one of the first things you should consider might be: “How to decorate a small entryway table?”

The entryway is the very first place where your guests evaluate your house aesthetics. Therefore, the console board in the area is worth careful decoration. 

In this article below, I would like to introduce some essential rules to design the tables and other tips and tricks to enhance your hallway’s look overall.

how to decorate a foyer console table

How To Decorate A Small Entryway Table? A Quick Answer

There are seven rules you should stick in mind to decorate any small board in the hallway. First, use wallpaper to frame the board display and make use of prized antiques. Besides, you should ensure the hallway looks more prominent with the console table’s decoration.

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A curated collection combined with a minimal design would help alike. Moreover, using the paint to have a unique board and choosing a similar theme with your entry are additional tips.

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How To Decorate An Entryway Console Table? A Step-by-step Guide

Whether to decorate tables or anything else in your house, you should strictly follow four steps. That includes choosing the position to lay the board, opting for suitable decor, and picking up the best ideas.

For more details, let’s scroll down.

entryway furniture for small spaces

1- Choose a suitable position

First and foremost, you should seek a good corner in your hallway to put the small tables. Due to its side, you can easily choose any empty or abnormal space on the walls. Overall, there is no hard rule for this task.

I even see them lay down pianos or sewing tables in the entryway in some of my friends’ houses. A pretty dresser or buffet also does the same function.

That means, depending on your needs, you can pick up any display board and put it in the position you prefer.

entryway furniture ideas

2- Choose an anchor

When boosting an entry table’s look, you should always think about the anchor or focal point. That is an accessory lying above the board to make it more attractive. The anchor can be a mirror, an old window, or a piece of art.

entryway furniture bench

Whatever it is, bear in mind that the focal point’s width must be smaller than the board. In my case, I often choose mirrors. They often make my hallway look bigger. Plus, I do not have to waste picking up the suitable color to fit the entryway, as in the pieces of art. An additional clean and crisp look is another merit of a mirror.

entryway furniture ikea

3- Choose arrangement options

There are two ways to arrange your entryway tables: symmetrical and non-symmetrical.

Concerning the first option, you can make the board more attractive with similar tall items on both sides. Plus, fill the middle spaces with other more minor stuff.

You can put lamps, lanterns, or flower vases on two sides of the small tables for more details. In the negative space under the anchor, you can lay down some books, long flower boxes, or votive candles.

entryway furniture with mirror

The second way to arrange the stuff and answer how to decorate a small entry table is the non-symmetrical way. That means you should put two different kinds of items on the two sides of the board.

entryway bench black

For instance, if a skinny and high lamp lies in the right corner, there should be broad and short items in the left corner. Those could be a round bottle of candy or a small tree pot.

In a nutshell, no matter which method you choose to lay down your items, make sure the board has a sense of balance before moving to the next step.

how to decorate foyer table

4- Pick up accessories

How to decorate a small entryway table?

To opt for the right accessories is the most crucial part of the process. You should group those items in odd numbers (groups of three are the most common option) with color friends and avoid clutter.

Color friends mean two items have one similar color. For instance, if you have a boxwood wreath lying on the board, you might want another green stuff such as a green vase under the board.

entryway furniture with storage

Plus, you should not add too many accessories to the board. That may make a cluttered look other than an impressive one. In this case, my advice is: the more simple your design is, the better. Imagine how tired you are while driving at peak hours; you might understand why you should limit the number of accessories.

entryway bench and coat rack

To do that, you can choose more than 10 inches (more prominent than cantaloupes). That would ensure you do not pick up all the beautiful stuff in the market and put it on your board.

For more details, refer to this video to know more about ideas for decorating entrance tables:

7 Essential Rules To Decorate Small Entryway Tables

Once you know how to decorate a round entry table or other shapes, here are seven essential rules to make them more attractive and surprise your guests.

entryway table decor

Decorate an entrance table (Source: homedit)

1- Using wallpaper

Making use of wallpaper is the very first rule in creating impressive entryways.

There is a wide variety of wallpapers. Hence, you should pick up the right one which harmonizes with the whole design.

entryway antique furniture

For instance, suppose your entryway areas are small and lack natural light; you can opt for a large wallpaper to add extra texture and color such as Pink Perennial Blooms Peel or Tempaper. The paper also plays a role in framing the whole entry board.

entryway table amazon

2- Prized antiques

To respect and preserve our old traditional culture are the responsibility of the current generation. And architecture may not be lucky enough to hide the duty.

That means, either it is the Renaissance or modern architecture, there is always the presence of famous prized antiques as inevitable accessories. Those might be a patterned lamp or a modest The World Statue.

hall entryway furniture

For this reason, I suggest you put some antiques on your entryway board. It impresses your guest with your knowledge of the permanent trends in art, making your design an unique style and a fabulous look.

Plus, you can hang some framed pictures on the wall or lay down a vase of blooms, ceramics, and a few Medieval trinket boxes for the best result. That is another way to answer the question of how to decorate a farmhouse entry table.

how to decorate entryway table

3- Make the hallway look larger

Often, the entryway has a limited space compared to the other parts of your house. But, that does not mean that it even looks smaller when you put an extra board on the way.

By contrast, the addition should do the opposite: making the space even more enormous.

entryway & accent furniture

The trick is you should choose an elegant and functional board. I often opt for a slimline table with a few drawers to put in the hallway like the Rustory Farmhouse Console or Furologee. That ensures I can store some of my essentials before going out. A small decorative box is another alternative.

modern entryway furniture

Besides, following some experts, you can put one or two tree pots to produce better effects. Likewise, a scent diffuser can enhance the air quality.

Using large mirrors opens up the space alike. The item can even reflect the sunlight and create further impacts.

ashley furniture entryway table

Keep in mind that you have to notice the scale and purpose of the tables. A perfect combination between the slimline design of the board and the narrow, tall mirror will positively affect the entry’s height. Also, a cluttered match can damage the generous look of the space as well.

That is why you should know how to decorate an entryway table for Christmas or any other event.

entryway table and mirror

4- Curated display

An entryway board can do more than store mails or keys. That is the place to put curated displays alike.

That being said, you can add your favorite items on the tables to fill in the empty areas. While decorating, never forget the odd numbers rule. For instance, in the middle of the table, putting down three vases or luxurious wine bottles could make a good sense of balance.

What’s more, if you sometimes collect stems or branches, you can put them on the board.

how to decorate entryway table

Curated display on the table (Source: homedit)

5- Minimal design

As I have just mentioned, the more simple your design is, the better. Making the tables overwhelmed with items surprises your friends how cluttered you are.

best entryway furniture

Hence, picking up just enough accessories often adds a touch of glamour.

For example, suppose you have a white, glossy board with polished brass legs and a frame; you should add a small round mirror above such as a Homebroad. Also, a board lamp and a curvy vase on each side, combined with a round box to store your essentials in the middle, would help. That is all you need to make the board an attractive star of the hallway.

entryway table big lots

6- Choose a theme

How to decorate a small entryway table?

Decorating an entry table is similar to making art. That means you should select a particular theme for the drawing, such as the country, Oriental, or California Casual styles.

antique entryway furniture

Whatever theme you choose, stick with that single one on the whole board design. That means the items attached with the hallway board should combine well with the topic.

For example, you can choose a woody brown board with a dark color as the primary hue in a country theme. A few branches and an old cowboy hat would make the hallway more like in the countryside.

entry entry

7- Paint

Last but not least is to use paint – a magic tool for any decor project.

I suggest some famous kinds of paint for renewing your entryway, including:

You can use those stains to give a makeover to any project items, ranging from the table, the wall, or even the most miniature accessories attached. Just keep in mind the rule of friend colors so that your picture will not become a worse version of the rainbow.

how do you decorate a hallway console table

How To Decorate A Small Entryway Table? People Also Ask

1- How to make an entrance table attractive?

There are seven steps you should stick in mind while decorating your entrance board. First, choose a table style that is functional and suitable for the area.

Next, put a lamp on the board and one or two boxes under it. A large mirror above the item and some books, family photos, and pieces of art on it would give the best result alike.

amart entryway furniture

2- How to decorate a small foyer table?

Concerning the foyer table, there is not much difference in decorating it with other entryway ones. That means the first step is always to pick up a suitable board.

Have a careful look at its scale and purposes while choosing. Next, add extra lamps, a mirror above, a vase of fresh flowers, framed photos, and your favorite items. Remember that the more simple the design is, the better and more generous your space look.

amazon entryway furniture

3- What to put in an entryway?

I suggest you put only your essentials in the entryway suppose it is small. For example, you can lay down a coat rack, a weather-resistant rug or mat, and overhead lighting.

Plus, a small table with the mirror above would make the area look more prominent. You can use the board for storing items alike.

how to decorate hallway table

4- Where to put an entryway table?

Of course, you must put the table in the entryway. But, it would be best if you thought about its size before laying it down. For instance, with a small table, you can put it in a narrow hallway.

Put on the table only a few essential items like your keys mail. On the other side, suppose it is a large circle one; a grand entryway might be the perfect place for it.


To sum up, above are the primary information related to the question, “How to decorate a small entryway table?”

You should follow four crucial steps to do the project. First, choose the best position to put the table and its anchor. Then, opt for arrangement options and accessories needed.

Plus, there are seven crucial rules to make your board attractive. That includes making use of paints, wallpaper, prized antiques, and curated displays. Plus, you should choose the theme and make the design simple with enough numbers of items and ensure the whole entrance look larger after decorating.

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