How To Decorate a Living Room On a Low Budget? Quick And Easy Tips (2023)

Our living rooms are where we come back and relax at the end of the day, where we entertain, and where we frequently feel most at ease. But how to decorate a living room on a low budget?

We know that everybody wants their room to look and attractive.

Even if your budget is limited, you do not have to settle for uninteresting when you use these ideas as inspiration.

In this article, we will introduce some easy décor tips without spending too much money. Just keep scrolling!

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How To Decorate A Living Room On A Low Budget: What You Need To Consider First?

When you are trying to decorate your living room on a budget, planning is the first thing. Always plan ahead of time before starting any home transformation project.

Everything runs well as a result of allocating resources and creating a budget, and you will not end up buying unnecessary items.

Believe us when we say this: That is a big issue. The wonderful feeling of being at a home décor store will motivate you, and you are likely to buy the stuff you will not use.

how to decorate a small apartment living room on a budget

After you have set a budget, the next step is to choose which space you will decorate. It will help you in making the right purchases.

There is so much to discover and play with when it comes to decorating your living room.

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If you are looking for a budget-friendly way, recycling and reusing will come in handy.

You can use what you already have as is, or you can apply a variety of methods to decorate based on your to decorate your living room on a budget

Matching is also crucial. We are sure that you do not want your home to look strange and odd because of a bad paint job or a bad decorating technique.

Colors, patterns, and placement of items should all match with the rest of the house’s decor.

Living rooms, in particular, are the heart of the home and require a lot of careful considerations.

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How To Decorate A Living Room On A Low Budget: Easy Ways To Transform

1 – Furnishing

Let’s start with the most difficult side: the furnishings.

When you have a large budget, choosing them is easy.

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But when you do not have much, room décor might be very hard.

So how about repurposing existing ones to save money instead of buying the new items?

If you must purchase a new one, consider versatile furniture, which performs various functions and comes in handy when space is limited.

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Change the positions:

Simply changing your sofa to a different area or position can alter the mood right away.

It will make the most difference. So, you have to avoid putting it in the corner as it looks boring and makes the room look smaller.

designing a living room on a budget

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Making a vignette:

This can completely change the way you decorate.

You can use one by controlling the shadows or changing the furniture in such a way that it gives the impression of a larger, more vibrant living space.

how to decorate a large living room wall cheap

Source: Home Beautiful


You may try to reuse your old items instead of buying new ones.

Repaint the wooden tables and change the sofa’s cover.

You may think out of the box in a variety of ways to update the look of your old, boring ones without spending a lot of money.

Taking apart a piece of them is another way of reusing furniture, such as taking a table arm and transforming it into a cutting board.

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Less is more:

A living room does require furniture, but it does not need to be full with it.

The lower the number, the better.

It will brighten and open up your space, as well as improve the aesthetics to a large extent.

Remove any unneeded furniture and see how the space transforms.

how to decorate a large wall cheaply

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2 – Painting By Yourself

If you want to decorate a wall cheaply, the second easy thing is changing its color.

This has a crucial part in making up the living room’s vibe.

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Expensive paint products with eye-catching patterns and luxury textures can be found in stores or online, but they may be out of your budget.

This is where the DIY comes to help.

Using many different techniques and paint kinds, you may create a variety of either luxury or nice colors and patterns that you want.

all white living room ideas

Solid colors:

If you like to keep up with the latest trends, this is the one for you.

To complement your personality, paint your living area with bright and solid colors.

Check to see if it matches your lighting and furniture.

how to decorate a living room for cheap

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If you like detailed patterns but can not afford expensive wall paint jobs, stencils are an ideal solution.

They are both inexpensive and safe to use.

Place a stencil on the wall of your choice and evenly apply the paint.

aesthetic living room ideas

Remove the stencils and admire your lovely work of art. It is simple to do and incredibly cost-effective.

Trips, dots, and geometric designs would help you redecorate the plain old walls if you want simpler patterns.

You can tape a pattern on the wall and then paint it.

Remove the tape once the paint has dried to reveal a simple yet lovely wall.

how to decorate living room in budget

Source: Royal Design Studio

Ombre and sponging:

Ombre walls will give the living area a sunset vibe, especially in the evening light.

It is an amazing method to add a subtle touch to a room’s overall appearance.

adopt me living room ideas

If you have light-colored furniture or furniture made of blonde wood, an ombre would be ideal.

To create a thicker texture, you can use the sponging technique.

how to decorate living room in low budget

Source: Gleco Paints

Hand drawing:

If you have a white wall, why not turn it into a canvas?

Drawing by yourself is the best way to decorate a living room on a low budget.

acnh living room ideas

You can draw some landscapes, city capes, flowers, etc.

if you know how to draw well. On the other hand, you can try to draw simple abstracts.

They are still beautiful and attractive.

how to decorate my living room for cheap

Source: Building and Interiors

3 – Small details matter! 

Monotony always leads to boredom.

Let’s try to mix and match a variety of things to keep the living room’s beauty high. You don’t want your main living area to be drab, do you?


Glass sculptures, wall art, mirrors, and other glass things can be used to reflect light and keep the area well lit. The transparency contributes to the luxury looking that we usually see in many pricey homes.

living room ideas curtains


You can achieve a silver leaf look by using metal counters, tables, paintings, or furniture.

It is ideal for fans of warm tones and neutral tones.

Those wallpaper and furnishings are ideal as well if your home has a dark theme.

how to decorate living room on a budget

Source: Interior Design Ideas


Curtains and drapes are not only used to make up your room, but they also serve a practical purpose in that they keep direct light out and keep bugs out even when the windows are open.

Besides, you can pay attention to cushions and covers/sheets for the cabinets and tables.

It can bring a very homey feel.

living room ideas cozy


Although woodwork is costly, you can always reuse and take old items to create the most picture-perfect living room you have ever seen.

Wall art made of wood will give the room a rustic feel, which is ideal if you prefer dark tones.

Mix worn-out wood with resins and glitter to create starboards, tabletops, or countertops for a more modern vibe.

It is one of the most fascinating and enjoyable art projects we have ever done.

living room ideas country

Area rug:

Do not forget about an area rug.

Area rugs not only give texture and dimension to a room, but they also serve a practical purpose.

Generally, you will want to pick a rug that matches your color scheme and can be put in the room’s center.

living room ideas colours

Make sure that the size you choose is appropriate for your room and furniture.

A good rule of thumb is that the rug should be large enough to cover at least the front legs of your furniture, and it should be placed at least six to twelve inches from the walls.

how to decorate living room walls on budget

Source: MyDomaine

How to decorate a living room on a low budget?

This video has some easy tips for you: (93) Small Living Room Makeover | 1 Room – 4 Colour Styles | Easy Home Decoration Ideas #decor #makeover – YouTube

 4 – DIY Artworks

DIY projects are a lot of fun, especially when they are used for home décor.

You do not have to use old items.

You may buy cheap artwork and design it with your artistic skills, or even use the packaging to make something altogether new.

The nice part about recycled art is that it can give off both a vintage and a modern atmosphere.

It all relies on how you use the materials and add a creative spin to them.

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How To Decorate A Living Room On A Low Budget: Important Rules To Follow

1 – Focus on the focal point:

Do you have a large piece of artwork, an entertainment system, or a fireplace?

Finding the natural focal point of a room is a good place to start when designing it.

Most houses have a focal point that is the first thing you notice when you walk in the door, and while not all furniture has to face it, you should consider entering the room around it.

how to decorate a living room on a small budget

It is important to have a focal point in your space, whether it is a coffee table, ottoman, or group of seats.

If you have a larger space, you can combine many points, such as a coffee table at one end and more chairs at the other.

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2 – Make it functional:

The space’s layout should always be functional.

This is best accomplished by evaluating the number of people who will be in the room and the purpose for which it will be used.

Then you may decide on the style, size, and number of pieces of furniture you will need.

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 3 – Pay attention to the dimension:

Another rule of thumb is to choose scaled objects to create balance.

Choose pieces of varying sizes and heights that balance each other out to create a comfy ambiance.

You can put the smaller items around the main furniture after the larger pieces have been placed in the room.

how to decorate living room cheap

Texture and dimension will give a visual appeal and interest to your area.

While decorations are often the final details to be chosen for space, choosing the perfect ones can be the most difficult.

Add artwork, pictures, bookcases, or mirrors to the walls to make the space looks bigger.

You can check the distance between the wall edge and the ceiling when hanging any art or things on the wall.

Also, it is preferable to keep décor at eye level and centered.

living room ideas beige couch

4 – Lighting is important:

Unless you like cold tones, we suggest not to let the living space be too dark.

If you want to create a bright and open space, layering light sources is the key.

Even if you only have one main overhead light, try to combine it with different lighting styles like lamps on side tables, accent lighting within bookshelves, and even candles.

Arranging your furniture around your windows is one of the simplest ways to bring light to your area.

You can find a lot of lighting plans on the internet to pick the most suitable for you.

how to decorate my living room on a budget

Source: The Family Handyman

5 – Symmetry never gets old:

A lot of people do not focus on symmetry.

However, this makes your space looks and feel both comfortable and tidy.

To decorate a living room on a low budget, place sofas, side tables, and chairs on opposite sides of the room.

Your coffee table will be the focal point of the arrangement in this situation.

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6 – Consider the traffic:

Last but not least, do not forget to consider traffic flow while designing.

The way people enter, exit, and navigate the area will be influenced by your furniture arrangement.

Is it difficult to enter and exit seats?

When there are a lot of people in the room, does it feel stuck and hard to move?

Use the size of your space to your advantage by selecting the right items for this high-traffic area.

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How To Decorate A Living Room On A Low Budget: Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Where Can I Hang Mirrors In Living Room?

If you have a living room with southern exposure, place the mirror on the wall opposite the window to take advantage of the warm afternoon light.

Mirrors give the feeling of depth and space, which can make a small room appear larger.

In a small room, a full-length mirror lying against the wall is a good decorative detail.

They are also useful in narrow spaces, such as hallways as well.

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2 – What Is The Best Color For The Curtains?

Take the so-called tip for the experts: If a room’s walls, rugs, or other things are brightly colored, it is better to use neutral tone drapes.

However, if the entire room and furniture are in more neutral tones, vibrant colorful curtains will bring more life to the space.

 3 – What Is The Best Way To Put Live Plants In My Living Room?

how to decorate a living room on a low budget

In one part of the room, group plants in cool planters together.

This works well with taller indoor plants, but you can also support up smaller plants using variable height plant stands.

This is definitely our favorite technique to decorate with indoor plants because you can’t go wrong with it.

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4 – What Is The Best Paint Color That Reflects Light?

Neutral white paint colors reflect the most light because any color other than white absorbs at least some of the spectrum.

Cooler paint colors, such as pale blue and gray, make walls recede and make rooms feel lighter and more expansive.

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5 – What Colors Make My Room Look Bigger?

You can use soft tones like off-white, blues, and greens for the best effect, and remember that brighter spaces feel bigger and more inviting.

And here is a bonus tip: Use a lighter hue for your wall trim and moldings than you do for your walls.


In conclusion, you can totally decorate a living room on a low budget. 

We hope with a few nice ideas and a few day hacks above, you can completely transform the game of interior design.

You may obtain the same style and exact environment that you have always dreamed of without spending a fortune on home decor.

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