How To Decorate A Family Room? Best Family Room Decorating Ideas (2023)

Are you wondering how to decorate a family room so that it can impress all your guests?

Instead of kitchens, living rooms have become ultimate hangouts these years.

But, either you want to give it a total overhaul or just a quick refresh, there are some rules and ideas you might not want to ignore. Let’s scroll down to explore what they are!

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How To Decorate A Family Room? A Quick Answer

There are seven quick steps to have your dream living room. First, never forget to measure the area. Then, establish your intentions before putting the focus on the beauty and art of the room. Making a “room board” and getting shopping is the next step. Finally, address the walls and add in extra greenery.

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How To Decorate My Family Room? A Step-by-step Guide

1, Measure the area

The first step to refresh your living room is to know exactly how many squares it is. That is to make sure you purchase the right-sized window treatments, furnishings, or rugs.

Just imagine you pick up a too-large coffee table, and you have to return it. Then, you would understand why this stage is crucial.

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To measure the room, prepare a pencil, paper, and a tape measure. Write down the area’s length and width. Then, multiply the two numbers to have the correct size of the space.

For example, if the length is 10 feet and the width is 10 feet, the floor’s area is 100 square feet. If you are not good at dealing with these complex numbers, getting a calculator would help.

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Making a family space (Source: goodhousekeeping)

2, Make up your intentions

Next, think about the primary purpose of the space before designing it.

For example, if the space is often used for conversations and reading, group the pieces of furniture. That helps you read under a natural light source such as a window, and the dialogue is maximized.

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Moreover, suppose there are already fixtures like cabinets, wall-mounted shelves, or a fireplace. In that case, that might impact the way you arrange the items and limit your design options.

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Also, being realistic in this step is my advice. Do not look at impressive and beautiful high-end designs on showy ads and apply them to your design.

The best one is the most suitable one.

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That means, if that space does not serve your demands or fit your lifestyle, no matter how luxurious it is, it can not satisfy you.

For instance, you might have an infant, and she crawls around every corner in your house. Then, instead of a shiny glass coffee table or many floor lights, you should opt for wall sconces and a wood table. Nothing is more critical than safeguarding your kids.

how to decorate my family room

3, Put the focus on aesthetic

Now it comes to the fun part: decide the main design for your room.

There are thousands of decor styles for you to choose from, ranging from romantic, simple, or modern farmhouse vibes. I often look at design magazines, books, or Pinterest to know more about my options.

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Of course, you should not add all of those designs into the space and transfer them to a whole theme party. But just solely sticking with one look is not an intelligent choice.

family room layout ideas with fireplace and tv

To my mind, you should combine a few of your favorite styles and choose one general scheme. It is like you are in a relationship. You should only have one boyfriend, but no one forbids you to have some best friends who are male.

The overall design direction can help you reduce the vast amount of selections while decorating.

how to decorate a tall wall in family room

4, Make a “room board.”

I suggest you create a “room board” before purchasing the stuff.

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That means you can pick up the pictures of the items you want to put in the space and place them together.

Predict how they would interact with each other, and you would know which you can keep and which you don’t.

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Otherwise, it might be too late to solve the problem.

For example, while looking at the room board, you might notice the sofa is too big, or the drapery fabric does not combine well with the rug pattern.

Sometimes, you may see only one leg style in the house, and you must change quickly.

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5, Go shopping

Suppose money is not your issue; picking up the best one is my advice.

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But, cause not many people have the luck, consider buying the most important things first.

Then, gradually fill in your room. That is my answer to the question, “how to decorate the room on a budget?”.

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For more details, think about buying oversized items such as the area rug and sofa first.

Investing in a good sofa is another tip. As you know, in the living room, people spend most of their time on the couch.

So, you should pay for the one that is both comfortable and durable.

how to decorate living room walls with family pictures

6, Address the walls

How to decorate a family room?

Never forget to fill in the walls. That is a chance to show up the room’s character and your decor talent.

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That is to say; there are some well-known items to hang on the walls, such as pillows, artworks, and other decorative stuff. Giving the space another layer of panache is always a great option.

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Suppose you have not known how to arrange or choose those items; think about the stuff that primarily reflects your style. In my case, I love having a gallery wall or some large pieces of art.

Also, adding in a tall mirror to make the space bigger is quite common.

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What’s more, there is a trend to use second-hand stuff now.

Hence, to make the space shine and impress your guests, finding an artifact would help.

Plus, the space would be different if you put on some antique art pieces or even a unique vintage.

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7, Add in greenery

How to decorate a small family room?

Making use of the plants is my answer. That also ensures to perfect your living room.

living room ideas art deco

Significantly, the solution is helpful if you live in a rental house and there is not much money to invest in decoration. Then, the plants play a crucial role in adding freshness and life to the room.

You can refer to a few popular plants for the family room: Artificial Cedar Topiary Trees, palm, or sansevieria.

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How To Design A Family Room Layout? Best Decor Ideas

1, Pay for durable items

High-end items ensure you and your family members have the most comfortable in your house.

Plus, the elevated styles coming with that stuff can be a secret strategy to splurge your wage.

living room ideas arrangement

For example, you should use porcelain ceramic on the floors.

Not only is the material robust enough not to be destroyed, but it also gives your house an elegant look.

Besides, choose the sofa with the suitable fabric so that it is easy to clean. Adding in a Hisense ULED 4K would perfect the area.

how to decorate a small family room

Using durable items in making a family space (Source: goodhousekeeping)

2, Upholster

Upholster the items in the space is crucial, especially if you have some kids around. Ensure safety for the children must be put on top.

That means, instead of a glass coffee table, you can opt for an ottoman covered with fabric. Place a try on it also.

What’s more, you can upholster the walls with fabric by hanging them on like wallpapers.

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3, Mix over-sized throw pillows

In a living room, playing games or reading books are usual activities. Then, I advise you to add in extra large throw pillows to boost the comfort. Toss it to the floor or put it next to the red coffee table while you are relaxing.

In this case, you should buy square throw pillows at around 20 inches instead of the normal 16-inch ones.

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4, Put on family photos

How to decorate a family living room?

Hanging on a group of family photos can make the area look warmer and gallery-worth. To do that, you can put them in matching frames and print them in black and white.

living room ideas and colors

An antique and nostalgic design can bring your family members closer together.

Suppose your children are too active and never sit calmly to have a family picture. You can try to make a video of your family.

Then, take out the screenshots that you like. No matter how the kids squirm, you still have good images with the perfect angle.

how to design a family room layout

5, Make a cozy space with the paint trick

How to add color to a grey room?

A room becomes pretty lonely and hollow with a grey hue or a high ceiling from time to time. There are some paint tricks you can use to change that.

family room with fireplace and tv decorating ideas

First, you should paint the lower part of the walls with deep colors like dark blue. That helps direct the eyes to the low portion. Making use of vibrant upholstered items and patterned rugs would create a cozier area alike.

Our eyes tend to focus on those items instead of the dreary grey corners.

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6, Expand your search

Instead of purchasing brand-new items at a skyrocketing price, you can think about recycling old stuff. Especially, suppose you have enough time, dig in the online market, and you might find serious deals.

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In my case, recently, I have found a fantastic two-door wardrobe at only $45 and a rustic coffee table at around $150 while wandering on the Facebook Market. My best deal might be a U.S wood cupboard that cost only $40.

living room ideas adopt me

The rule in snagging those deals is to know what you need and take time for it.

Also, I often set the radius on the Marketplace at around 15 miles to find the new items listed on my feed.

But, if I want to seek a unique item, I will extend the search radius up to 100 miles. Often, I get what I want at a reasonable price.

how to decorate room with high ceilings

7, Review the tone

There are hundreds of colors to choose from in the art of decorating a house. Hence, many people wonder which shade they should use if they already love neutrals or classic styles.

In that case, I suggest you look down to the floor. Its tone will mainly decide the broad color palette. Plus, that makes it more simple to stand out from other furniture’s hue.

Are you not sure? Take a look at the video to grasp more knowledge about how to decorate a family room:

How To Decorate A Family Room? People Also Ask

1, How to decorate my room with simple items?

There are eight simple things you can use to refresh your room. First, diffuse the scents you like and hang removable wallpapers on the walls too. Also, a bar cart and plants are indispensable

kitchen dining family room ideas

Suppose you want your area to look bigger and get more natural light, add another tall mirror. Arranging the furniture layout again, hanging a few wall art pieces, and changing the lighting scheme are also great ways to give your area a new look.

how to decorate a family room with a fireplace

2, How to design a room?

There are eleven crucial steps while designing a room.

First, think about its purpose and the people who live in the space. Then, start with doing the homework and measure the area. Next, keep the room’s look consistent before decorating the signature items.

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Shop around after you have made out a plan. Keep in mind not to pick up trendy yet expensive pieces if you do not often refresh your room. Lighting the space up and making it personal is the last stage in this process.

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3, What colors make a living room brighter and more significant?

Greens, blues, and off-white are three applicable colors to make rooms brighter.

Often, a more illuminated area gives you a feeling of more inviting and more oversized. Some people also paint the wall darker than its moldings and trim, which offers a similar result.

how to decorate a family living room

4, What are the main factors of interior design?

Whether you are a professional designer or not, you should always know seven main factors while decorating your room.

That includes color, pattern, texture, form, space, line, and light. Make sure to have these elements balanced before drawing any scheme.

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To conclude, above is the complete guide about how to decorate a family room.

Besides the seven vital steps of refreshing the space, you can recently think about eight popular decor ideas. For some, they like using high-end materials to adorn their house for their long lifespan.

That is also a great way to impress their guests. Also, hanging your family photos on the wall is my advice if you prefer a gallery-worthy design.

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