How To Build Laundry Room Shelving? (2023)

Sure, the laundry space is not the most important room in the house. However, knowing how to build laundry room shelving a productive and appealing workplace can brighten the space and take away the boring feeling of this everyday task.

Consider how you want your washing area to look before you begin. 

In this article, we give you some washroom shelving ideas, as well as suggested products to buy or set up so that you can follow them easily.

Let’s take a look!

Laundry Room Storage And Organization Ideas

How To Build Laundry Room Shelving

The size of your shelving and cabinet plans will be decided by how much extra space you have.

If you have a small washing room, focus on shelving that makes the most of the available space.

However, in case your washer and dryer are both front-load, putting a countertop over them is a good idea.

On the other hand, any free corners or little alcoves are ideal spots for some small shelves.

No matter how the size of your place, wall-mounted shelving is a terrific way to preserve valuable floor space while also improving the overall appearance.

Laundry Room Open Shelving

However, the most cost-effective way to build laundry room shelving is likely to be a basic piece of wood put on two brackets.

If you want to keep your scheme basic and open, keep it the same color as the wall.

If you want your shelves to be a focal point, go for bright colors or an industrial mix of wood and metal.

1 – Consider multifunctional laundry room storage units

Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Source: IKEA

First of all, make an area that can be used for different purposes.

You can check on many online sites like Amazon to find shelves like this for the utility area.

They have different parts and can be adapted to the same frame.

Like in this photo, there are wall-mounted rails that can be used to place everything from bath towels to clothes airers and larger baskets.

Laundry Room Shelving

Secondly, give your supplies a home.

You can put them in drawers or baskets and put all of them on the rack.

This smart solution allows you to customize the space to meet your own needs, based on how you want to use it.

It is also a cost-effective way to create custom shelving.

2 – Set up the stacked shelves on the wall

Laundry Room Storage Ideas

Source: Pinterest

Fill an entire wall with useful stacked ones to ensure you have a place for everything.

If you find it is hard to install a shelf, make it fill only one wall to maintain a tidy appearance while still giving maximum storage.

They can become a good display wall when loaded with vases and some small decor things.

3 – Use pigeon holes

Laundry Room Shelving Diy

Source: Houzz

To make the washing room even neater, you can use the trendy pigeon hole shelf.

These stylish storage cabinets are available in a range of sizes, from countertop to bigger wall-mounted designs, to fit in with all kinds of space.

You can also label each one for people to know what belongs where, so you may find things easier later.

Besides, you can buy holes with doors if you prefer to keep such items hidden.

4 – Use the space under the stairs

Small Laundry Room Shelving Ideas

Source: panamaleaks

You can make a tiny utility room by putting storage in the cupboard under the stairs.

Cleaning items and storage baskets can be stored on simple floating shelves or baskets.

Make sure they are firmly fit in place and do not overcrowd that small space with too many things.

5 – Choose stackable machines

Laundry Room Shelving Home Depot

Source: Ideal Home

Besides the question of how to build laundry room shelving, you should pay attention to how you place the machines.

Instead of putting the side of the machine by side, stack your dryer atop your washing machine to save space.

The surplus space can then be used for storage, such as a pull-out hamper drawer or extra cupboards.

6 – Make the place looks bigger with patterned flooring

Laundry Room Rack Shelving

Source: Trendir

Make use of the floor area to help the little space look bigger.

In a small area, a patterned floor can help to create a sense of space by giving it a greater feel.

By doing so, you will give the impression that there is more floor to focus on, making it appear larger.

This way also works best in a tiny area.

However, we do not suggest to use for a large room. It can feel overwhelming, making the space feel even smaller.

The pattern also has the advantage of being quite forgiving as a flooring choice in a busy space like the utility.

The pattern accommodates the laundry baskets and other items that commonly clutter the floor, they serve as a decoy.

7 – Use neutral tones to lighten up

Laundry Room Shelving Lowes

Source: Plank And Pillow

Choosing a neutral color tone is a great way to make a tiny or narrow area feel wider.

Color is one way to bring a little more style to your utility room.

Because it is usually a smaller room, the lighter the better.

It makes a clean and homey vibe for cleaning up, as well as lots of storage space for staying organized when paired with the laundry baskets.

You can also lighten up the small space by choosing cabinets in a light color that bounce light around to make the room feel airier.

This is a great small utility space idea.

Laundry Room Hanging Rack

Furthermore, lighting can be used to create a focal point in a small room.

With statement overhead lights, such as elegant pendants, provide a light trail into the narrow space’s center.

The big pendants are a great way to brighten up a small area.

Keeping the color palette neutral helps to preserve a sense of space, making the room feel brighter and less cramped.

Still do not know how to start? Watch this video:

How To Build Laundry Room Shelving? Where To Find Hidden Storage Places

  • When the room is too small, the back of a laundry door can be very useful.

Everything from brooms and mops to raincoats can be hung on over-door hangers.

Moreover, hang the ironing board from a unique over-the-door hook on the back of the laundry door

Laundry Room Wire Shelving Ideas

  • Install a flip-down ironing board on a free part of the wall if you have one.
  • The tops of cupboards are frequently underutilized storage areas.

Keep objects that you only use once in a while or that you would rather keep out of the reach of your kids up there.

Laundry Room Hanging Rack Ideas

  • Remove the washer and dryer off the floor and place a low drawer beneath them.
  • Increase your bench space by adding a pull-out drying rack under an overhead cabinet, a small closet between stuff for mops and brooms, or a sliding shelf beneath the benchtop.

How Big Should A Laundry Room Be?

Laundry Room Shelving Storage

A utility cupboard should be at least 15 square feet in size.

Depending on the sizes of your items, this would allow for a washing machine and a tumble dryer with a shelf above.

A washing machine, the largest quantity of storage, and a walkway might all fit into a 30 square foot space.

However, a space of at least 50 square feet is ideal, as this allows for a sink and lots of extra storage.

Laundry Room Wall Mounted Shelving

However, you can decide the size of your laundry needs and the number of clothes you wash each week.

Some people may get by with just a large cabinet to store their washing machine and laundry supplies, while others require a big space with a lot of machines, tools, and baskets.

Make sure you measure the room and compare it to the measurements of your equipment, regardless of size.

You don’t want your extra-large washing machine to leave you short on floor space.

Laundry Room Storage Units

If you do not have enough budget to expand the room, there are some other ways to make the most of the space you already have.

Converting a garage is quite popular since it takes less time and money than building an extension.

It is usually already in the ideal location: next to the kitchen, with an external wall and an entrance to the garden.

A cellar or basement may also be suitable, however, ventilation may be an issue.

If you want to make any structural or electrical alterations to your apartment, make sure to check for the building rules first.

How To Build Laundry Room Shelving? Frequently Asked Questions

1 – Why Should I Need A Ventilation Fan?

Laundry Room Racks Hangers

This may be the most important factor to consider in your laundry room.

Contaminants will be removed from the house using this method. You might want to think about getting a two-speed fan.

When the room is occupied, two-speed fans run constantly at a very low speed, then at a higher speed.

The low speed would help to remove any off-gassing from chemicals stored in the room, while the high speed would handle the actual laundry.

You can also check for devices with motion sensors that automatically adjust from low to high depending on whether or not the room is in use.

If a two-speed fan is too much for you, a small, cheap single-speed fan will do well in terms of removing bad smells.

2 – Is It Possible To Stack My Washing Machine And Dryer Without Using A Stacking Kit Or A Rubber Mat?

Small Laundry Room Shelving

Yes, you can, but we do not suggest it.

Even while a dryer does not shake as much as a washer does while in use, there’s still a chance that if it hops around while running, it will jump straight off the top of your washer, which is not ideal for either your appliance or your floor.

There is also a chance that if you pull hard on the door of an unlocked stacking dryer, it will fall off the top of the washing machine.

So, if you wish to stack your appliances back-to-back, do so at your own risk.

3 – Can I Stack Any Washing Machine And Dryer Together?

No, please don’t do that. Because the base of a condenser dryer must be fastened to the top of a front-load washer, stacking is only suitable for front-load washers and dryers.

To open and use your top-loading washer, you will need a minimum lid clearance.

The amounts are different depending on the brand.

4 – Where Is The Best Place To Put A Utility Room In My House?

Laundry Room Shelving Unit

It makes sense to locate the laundry room near the bedrooms, given where the majority of laundry is stored and used.

This removes the need to bring dirty and clean laundry back and forth, as well as keeping the work hidden in a more private area of the house.

5 – How Can I Keep Towels In A Utility Room?

Before and after you wash your towels and rags, keep them neatly organized.

You should keep them in place by a towel holder. A wall-mounted organizer saves space on the floor effectively.

Moreover, it also fits inside your closet if you do not have a separate laundry room.


It’s all too easy for a laundry room to become a dark closet full of dirty clothes.

Make your housework more appealing by redecorating the place where you perform it.

A nice laundry room will motivate everyone in the house to help out with housework.

We hope our article on how to build laundry room shelving will assist you in making the most of the space surrounding your washing and dryer, probably for the first time. Why not make the most of your laundry room as much as the rest of your house?

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