How To Brighten Up A Basement Without Windows? (2023)

If you live in some old houses, especially the ones in Seattle, you may want to know how to brighten up a basement without windows.

Those basements without lighting can be gloomy and boring.

A simple makeover will create a brighter, more attractive living space.

In some cases, you can even expand the living size.

Basement makeovers also give a high return on investment when it comes to selling your home.

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How To Light A Basement Without Windows?

In general, the answer is to add more artificial lights and change the color theme to create a feeling of openness.

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1 – Repaint the walls

Painting the walls and trim in brighter colors is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to lighten a room. Paint over fake wood paneling in the space with cooler, neutral colors like white or light gray.

Additionally, you may replace the old paneling with finished drywall and a fresh coat of high-quality paint.

If you want to get a calm effect, go with neutrals or pastels, and only use highly pigmented tones.

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However, using too many different colors on your walls and floors will cause visual chaos and make light travel more difficult.

Try to stick to three different colors, with one of them taking up at least 60% of the space. Accents and a secondary color can be added to the remaining space.

Design tip: Because dark recedes and light advances on ceilings, go for off-white ones rather than white!

How To Brighten Up a Basement Without Windows

Modern rustic basement painting (Source: Houzz)

2 – Use reflective surfaces

Reflective surfaces brighten rooms and make them appear larger.

As light bounces off shiny surfaces, it fills the area more easily, and all of that bouncing can add up to a much brighter space.

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The following are some remodeling concepts that include reflective surfaces:

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Source: Moose Basements

3 – Add more light fixtures

Layer accent or task lighting in your basement, just like you would in a kitchen or bathroom, to brighten up a basement without windows.

  • Recessed ceiling:

These are hanging from the ceiling and do not block valuable headroom. Recessed lights also don’t create annoying shadows when they are turned on, and they blend in with any decor.

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  • Lights on a track:

Because most track lighting fixtures have short stems for lower ceilings, many designers use them to brighten a basement.

Place track lights around the room’s perimeter and watch as your walls are showered in soft light!

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  • Accent lighting:

This is a type of lighting that is used to highlight.

It could be table and floor lamps, task lamps, and wall sconces, you can amp up the lighting and décor in your room.

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4 – Raise the ceiling

Low ceilings not only make a basement feel cramped and gloomy, but they also make it very difficult to brighten it up.

Higher ceilings provide greater room for reflecting surfaces and windows by default.

If the options we have discussed so far are not enough to bring in enough light, or if your basement is in urgent need of natural light, you might want to consider a home raise.

This option includes actually lifting your entire house up on stilts.

After then, the home is lowered back into the new, taller supports, and you may turn your basement into almost anything! A deeper basement can also be built out to get the same ceiling height.

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5 – Tiny details

Pictures of outdoor landscapes:

A big photo of a sunny area can trick your brain into thinking your room has more light.

Hang your favorite pictures of beaches, green fields, or a charming small town with sunlight squares, and you will be gone to a faraway place every time you enter it.

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Color splashes pictures:

Splashes of bright color will also bring away the darkness.

You can use furniture, pillows, paintings, vases, lamps, artwork, and even a bouquet of flowers.

Moreover, colors like red, light blue, and yellow will instantly transform your space with a cheerful feeling.

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Area rugs:

By connecting the room together, a large area rug can help to brighten up a basement without windows.

Along with texture and warmth, choose a rug with a large pile, like the one in the below photo.

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Avoid clutter:

Clutter makes a place look smaller and dingier right away.

Your basement will feel big and airy if you keep clutter to a minimum.

You will also spend less time cleaning!

Use built-in storage solutions if your basement still needs to act as a storage room.

Built-in closets and shelves will save you room while also helping you reduce clutter.

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Consider natural plants:

Many natural plants do not need much sunlight, and placing some of those may really brighten up your décor.

There is something about green that makes you feel like you are outside in the sunshine.

If a natural plant is not an option, buy some fake products to brighten up a basement without windows.

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What Can I Use The Space For?

Consider what you want to do with your basement renovation project first. What will you do with your new living areas? Here are some examples:

  • Spa or sauna
  • Room for laundry
  • Fitness center/gym at home
  • Playroom for children
  • Recording room
  • Additional living space
  • Cinema at home
  • Bar
  • Unit for rent

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How To Brighten Up a Basement Without Windows?

Depending on how the space is used, you will want to change the lighting to suit the mood. Although a private gym or movie room may not need much lighting, a rental apartment would want enough.

  • What are your goals?

Consider what might help if you are ready to invest in this remodeling because your current living space is bursting at the seams.

Is it too crowded in the common room?

Is it necessary to have a home office?

Consider adding a guest room or an extra bedroom so that a kid has their own area.

What is the goal of fixing after all?

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  • Do you expect a return on your investment?

If you want to raise the value of your home by adding bedrooms, make sure you do it correctly.

If the repair crew is on the job, keep in mind that a bedroom must have a window and a closet.

You will not want to scrimp on this and end up regretting it later.

Even if you are currently using the area as a home office or craft room, complete the requirements to maintain the option of turning it into a bedroom in the future.

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  • Would you want to have a few more bedrooms?

Make a plan for the remodel’s structure. Consider the function and placement of the common space downstairs if you want to add extra bedrooms.

  • Is it necessary to add a bathroom?

If you have a number of bedrooms and a common room downstairs, you’ll also need a bathroom.

You will never regret adding a second bathroom to your house, especially as your family grows and spends more time getting ready in the mornings.

One thing to keep in mind is that some towns do not allow the addition of bathrooms to basements without a variance, so check with your contractor first.

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  • What is the budget plan?

What should I do with my room?

are 2 big questions you could be asking yourself.

And a lot of that is decided by the project’s budget.

Installing a bathroom and putting up walls are large ideas that may be limited if your budget is limited.

When looking at the budget, remembering the return on investment when adding an extra bathroom and bedrooms will help relieve stress.

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Best Types Of Lighting

Unless you are moving into a new house or doing a big project, the outlets and fixture places are almost certainly already set.

With some new, smaller light options we talk about, you can easily make the most of what you already have while also adding some extra ones.

The number of lighting you need depends on the size of your space and how you want to use it.

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General lighting:

This is usually in the form of overhead lamps, providing ambient or general light throughout an entire space. For effective levels of brightness in a small room, you may just need 1 source.

Otherwise, many ones widely placed across the area, such as track lights or pendant lamps.

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Task lighting:

Gives focused, stronger lighting, such as a movable task or reading lamp, by mixing general light with a focused, more intense source.

You may need this type in areas where you work, such as around washing machines, desks, hobby, or craft tables.

Accent lighting:

You can draw the eye to highlight objects in the room such as artwork, décor items, or furniture, by adding interest to the plan and helping to create depth.

Track lighting, sconces, picture lights, and other-directed fitting can help you improve the space and highlight any key features.

Some ideas for low ceilings basements:

How To Brighten Up A Basement Without Windows: Frequently Asked Questions

1 – What Color Light Is Best For Basement?

Cool white bulbs give a welcoming and cheerful vibe that is ideal for high-traffic areas such as living rooms, kitchens, basements, and playrooms.

It also makes reading and completing things easier.

On the other hand, warm white ones are calming and relaxing. Despite the fact that they do not give the brightest light, they are the most common because of the lovely light they create.

The standard temperature for incandescent lights is warm white.

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2 – What Color Paint Makes A Basement Look Bigger?

Decorate your small basement with light colors.

Dark tones absorb light and make a room appear smaller. White, cream and other light hues reflect light, making the space appear larger.

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3 – What Kind Of Paint Finish Is Best For Basement Walls?

Expert painters will use a high-quality latex primer and gloss acrylic latex paint.

Glossy paint will keep basement walls and ceilings dry, and a latex primer will ensure a uniform surface.

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4 – How Can I Deal With Low Basement Ceilings?

If you want to keep your space with low ceilings feeling open, avoid the plywood subfloor and go for a smooth, lasting form of flooring instead.

To avoid a cluttered side, choose solid colors or very minimal patterns, and use the same type of flooring throughout the space.

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5 – Can Sleeping In A Basement Make Me Sick?

It is not recommended. If you have a moldy basement, you are at risk of getting a respiratory illness.

Coughs, asthma, nose and throat problems, and shortness of breath are among them.

But it doesn’t end there: you might also experience physical issues like headaches and skin irritations.

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Basement renovations are a common project that increases the value of your house while also adding usable floor space.

Whether you have an unfinished room or just want to renovate an existing one, it is important to plan ahead of time to ensure that the space becomes exactly what you want and need.

We hope after reading our article, you now know how to brighten up a basement without windows. Because every home is different, it is important to make some researches and choose what is the best for you.

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