How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom? Easy & Cheap Tips (2023)

Almost everybody has a bedroom, but knowing how to add personality to your bedroom is not an easy task. Have you ever been looked at your room and been bored suddenly?

Perhaps you do not want to spend too much budget on decorating.

Or maybe you think it is just a place to sleep.

Oh wait, that room is in desperate need of some unique marks.

Do not get us wrong! We are not saying you have to go out and spend a fortune renovating a space.

It only needs a few minor adjustments. In our opinion, adding personal touches is what makes a place come alive!

In this article, we have just a few tips to help you start personalizing the interiors. All of which are simple and affordable.

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How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom: What Can Your Room Décor Talk About You?

Home design and decor trends, like fashion, come and go.

Instead of choosing your room style based on trends, adding character to a room based on your personality will ensure that you do not quickly get tired of your interiors.

Besides, it does not feel antiquated or out of style as well.bedroom decor ideas

You want your house to feel like it belongs to you.

A place where you and your family can unwind, relax, retreat, entertain, have fun, and escape in a way that is unique to you.

Our houses should seem like our own personal oasis.

So it is only natural that they should represent who we are and what we value by filling them with things that make us happy.

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Some common interior styles and how it matches your personality (Source: Pinterest)

1. Warm and welcoming:

Are you someone who strives to make others feel at ease?

Then your home is most likely full of a lot of throws, blankets, pillows, and rugs to create a welcoming ambiance.

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2. Traditional vibe:

If you have a vintage wood bed or a mix of your mother’s old teacups and your grandmother’s favorite lamp, you are definitely someone who values family, memories, and tradition.

Choose traditional kinds of stuff that will last a long time and bring character to your space.

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3. Simple and clean:

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Do you like a simple bench?

Do you clean your space frequently?

Or do you have everything in order?

Then you are definitely a minimalist!

You may have modern homewares and furniture with simple lines.

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4. Mix and match:

Do you have a big collection of artwork and images on your walls?

Is the color of your cabinet a perfect match for your oriental lamp?

You’re not afraid of mixing many colors and want to use your home to reflect your creativity.

Ethnic items, handmade items, and diverse finds are ideal for making you feel at ease.

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Tips On How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom

 1 – Color scheme:

Choose paint colors that you like and that add more personality to your room.

Instead of choosing based on current trends, we usually advise choosing colors that you would enjoy seeing every day when they enter into space.

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The inspiration can also come from current artworks that will be displayed in the home, as well as fabric choices for the bed or curtains.

Do not make the mistake of thinking that you must paint the entire room the same color.

Accent walls, often known as feature walls, are still a good option.

how to add more personality to your room

Which colors do you like? (Source: Décor Home Ideas)

2 – Small details:

Believe it or not, small details can tell a lot about your personality.

Here are some popular details you can put into your room:

dunelm bedroom furniture

Throw pillows:

These are a must-have for almost every room in your home since they are cheap, soft, but still appealing.

Adding a few cushions to every place, from your living room and bedroom to your dining room can instantly add color and a warm feeling.

Make sure to choose the ones that are both attractive and comfortable.

What good is a cushion if it does not feel comfortable?

amart bedroom furniture

Area rugs:

If you feel like your room is missing something, an area rug could be just what you need to tie everything together.

Choose a rug with a lot of texture or a strong design to make your home feel trendy and chic.

You might be surprised by the outcomes.

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​Metal décor:

Metal things may help to add personality to your bedroom and to feel more vintage and art.

You may need them to break up with leather, wood, or other classic furniture.

A brass lamp on the cabinet, a bronze clock, or a chrome lock on the door may all have a significant impact on the overall ambiance of your space.

Moreover, they are truly more interesting to look at than a normal silver thing.

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A mental mirror (Source: Homebnc)

Natural things:

Bringing outdoor things inside is a big part of modern house decor.

Natural elements, such as wood and stone, as well as plants and cotton, look great and are usually cheap.

To add a bit of the outdoors into your house, you do not have to feel like you are living in a tent.

It is as easy as adding a few green accents like woven baskets, decorative wooden bottles, or a bulky wool throw blanket.

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 3 – Light:

When trying to have a positive impact on a space, lighting may be one of the key factors to consider.

What good is a nicely designed room if you can not see it?

Changing the normal white overhead lighting with warm, inviting ones could completely and positively add
personality to your bedroom.

bedroom decor

However, it may also be more difficult and costly than you want.

Instead, use floor and table lamps if this is the case.

Layer your light sources to ensure that the room is well-balanced.

Any space will feel pleasant and comfortable with a combination of task, ambient, and accent lighting.

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 4 – Artworks:

To make a large statement with artwork and wall decorations, you do not need a trained eye.

If you have recently moved into a new house, resist the impulse to repeat your design from room to room.

Instead, think about the size, layout, and concept of the area you’re designing before selecting artwork to go with them.

However, some people like the “less is more” style.

john lewis bedroom furniture

Stick to a few key pieces that will have a large impression rather than a slew of minor ones that will make your space appear cluttered or smaller than it is.

If you have always wanted to create a gallery wall with your favorite photos, go for it!

Just make sure the photographs you use are framed in similar frames.

This will give the impression that the wall has been properly curated.

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Source: Desenio

5 – Meaningful items:

Your house should be able to tell a story about its owner.

Decorate with items that are meaningful to you to show your guests what is important to you.

It is a good way to add personality to your bedroom by including family treasures, personal artwork, and gifts from the trips.

next bedroom furniture

If you have a collection of marbles or pottery, now is the time to show it.

Similarly, your hobbies can be a part of your home decor.

A guitar or snowboard mounted on the wall will not only look amazing but will also give your room a personal touch.

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6 – Plants:

Add some green to even the small corners in your home for a new fresh feeling.

A few potted plants may change an otherwise boring space into something vibrant and inviting.

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Plants also help to purify the air in your home and have been shown to boost people’s moods.

If you still have not found a real pot, you can consider buying a fake one instead.

Your visitors will not be able to tell the difference between the different types and sizes available on the market.

how to add character to a room

A simple room with plants (Source: Hunting For George)

7 – Be creative!

Do not be scared to take your time and think outside the box when it comes to designing your space. Beautifully designed homes are not created overnight or from just a single source.

You can mix some vintage components, in addition to modern items, which will make it feel more interesting.

Furthermore, take your time to go through some decor shops and garage sales for quality items that may be upcycled and used to help bring the space to life.

Similarly, rather than matching perfectly, pair furniture that matches with each other.

The result you get will be a space that is both playful and unique.

How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom: 6 Common Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

how to add personality to your room

Source: The Sleep Judge

 1 – Using cheap mattress and bedding:

If possible, we suggest you choose a high-quality mattress and bedding set.

We spend so much time in our beds throughout our life, thus you have to invest in products that give you comfort and relaxation.

Moreover, there are a lot of bedding sets with different patterns that can suit any style you like.

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2 – Only focus on function:

When it comes to function, you do not have to trade off its design.

In fact, it is entirely possible to achieve both goals.

Do not just buy things for conventionality, spend some time arranging them in your way.

bedroom design

Your furniture should serve your needs while still looking lovely.

It is usually simple like investing in classic pieces such as nightstands with enough storage space for your jewelry, books, glasses, and other bedtime kinds of stuff.

This helps to keep clutter to a minimum while also making your room feel tranquil and serene.

bedroom furniture armoire

3 – Do not have a lighting set up:

Many people believe that in any bedroom, good lighting is a key feature.

Warm lighting is especially recommended for creating a relaxing feeling.

bedroom furniture amazon

There are a lot of ways to make an inviting space.

Having a dimmer, changing out your light bulbs, using table lamps instead of overhead ones, or a mix of all three are all options.

When it comes to calming down after a long day, setting the right tone is important.

Moreover, it will have a big impact on the quality of your sleep as well.

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Source: Medium

 4 – Using boring curtains:

Although blackout curtains are useful for keeping the light out at night and allowing you to get some rest, they do not have to be boring.

Without heavy fabrics that weigh down your windows, you may get a luxurious effect that keeps your space as dark as you want it to be.

We would like to use a combination of shades and draperies in their designs.

With this, you will have a delicate, elegant aesthetic that still works well.

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5 – Skipping the décor part:

Bedrooms, we have to agree, can be the most challenging rooms to style because there is so little to work with besides the bedding.

As a result, deciding on a good decor for them can be difficult.

Many bedrooms can suffer from a lack of personality and style as a result of this.

how to add personality to your bedroom

Source: The Bored Panda

You can never go wrong with art and plants in any area.

These are wonderful details to start to add personality to your bedroom.

As we stated above, gallery walls are enjoyable in any room of the house, but a bedroom may be a great place to display more personal images and memories from your family.

Nothing completes the look of a well-made bed like a lovely, framed piece hung above it.

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6 – The matter of sizes:

Putting things that are too small for a place can be a problem.

A larger space will require more furniture or even more of the same ones you already have.

If you are moving to a bigger house, you may need to consider the size and scale of the rooms, as well as the furniture you already have, where it will go, and how you can improve it if necessary.

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We know some people always think that bigger is better.

This is true sometimes, and it may be bold, dramatic, and really attractive.

It is just simply a matter of not putting everything in a space. Furniture, contrary to popular belief, can make a tiny room appear larger than it is if being done in the right way.

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Source: Tumblr

Some common bedroom design mistakes and tips from Arvin Olano:

How To Add Personality To Your Bedroom: Frequently Asked Questions

 1 – How Can I Mix The Décor Styles?

To know how a style will appear in each area, start with simple details like throw pillows, a vase, or a table light. You should also consider the layers.

If you want to mix modern and classic styles, choose a modern base (think chairs, dining tables, etc.) and vintage-inspired highlights.

It will also give you more options when it comes to changing out the features in case you want to change anything again.

For example:

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2 – How Can I Pick Artwork To Match My Room?

You can take into account the room’s color theme.

People usually choose art that matches the room’s main accent theme, although this can appear boring and normal.

Instead, use a color that has a modest effect. If your sofa is navy blue with a smokey orange blanket, look for arts that reflect that earthy tone.

how to make a bedroom layoutikea bedroom furniture

3 – What Are The Right Sizes For Area Rug?

If you choose a rug for spaces of the home without furniture, such as hallways and foyers, its size will be based on how much floor space to leave exposed around the room’s edges.

For larger areas, a little more of the floor can be seen, ranging from 12 to 24 inches.

A 60 x 85 inches area rug is the smallest size that might fit beneath a queen bed alone, although it is not ideal.

When it comes to arranging a small bedroom, this could be a reasonable choice, especially if you decide to take out one or both of your nightstands.

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4 – Any Ideas For The Bedroom Ambient Lighting?

Flush-mounted or hanging lamps are popular choices for ambient lighting.

If you have the room, a spectacular focal point can be created by hanging a lamp or chandelier over the bed.

Choose a light fixture with a ceiling fan to help to cool you down during the hot months.

will a king size bed fit in my room

5 – Is Putting Too Many Plants In My Bedroom Harmful?

You can have many plants inside your room as long as you have enough space and natural light for them to grow.

Although some people say that sleeping with too many trees maybe not be good for your health, it does not cause any problems.

However, you have to spend more time and effort taking care of them.

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Whether your home is small or large, rented or owned, and short-term or long-term, it is still yours to enjoy and personalize. Allow it to be a place where you can relax after a long day, where you can entertain guests and hold parties, and perhaps even where you will raise a family one day.

Knowing how to add personality to your bedroom with small accents, colors, and accessories can really bring your own marks to life.

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