Designer Katharina Creates a Natural Indoor Space With Special Trees

Designer Katharina Creates a Natural Indoor Space With Special Trees

Interior designer Katharina is based in Germany and proudly lives a plant-based lifestyle. Her flat features a variety of wood that ranges from the furniture to the floors, which create an aesthetically pleasing natural environment for her clients. The colors complement each other well as they are rich hues such as mustard yellow with pops … Read more

Fill Your Home With Cheryl’s Vintage Interior Design Ideas

Cheryl makes decorating look easy with her chic accents that give a room personality. Shades of gold and bronze in the form of plant vases and picture frames pop on all-white walls she’s decorated for clients, while an elaborate display of candles and string lights surround the fireplace to create warmth. The tree figurines, pine … Read more

Blair Offers Exquisite Elegance For Her Home

Blair is a native Ohioan who loves to make her home as comfortable and cozy as possible. Her favorite way to do this? Adding opulent accents throughout the house, like hanging large mirrors against accent walls or adding an elegant crystal chandelier in the dining room. A visitor steps into the Blair home and is … Read more

Ashley Knie Showcases The Beauty Of White Color Interior

Ashley Knie is a designer who has an eye for the extraordinary. She uses natural pine trees, modern holiday decor, and knit blankets to create one of a kind home designs which capture rustic details like expansive coffee tables or impressive wall art with decorative guitars and boughs of holly in her living room centerpiece … Read more

Vintage Table And Chairs from Carlshojcuriosa

List items in Carlshojcuriosa’s Home: 1. Vornado Silver Swan Alchemy Oscillating Vintage Fan, Gunmetal 2. JHY DESIGN Birdcage Decorative Lamp 3. VASAGLE LOWELL Standing Cabinet 4. Great Deal Furniture Qearl Outdoor Club Chairs

Best Vintage Farmhouse Designs We Can All Learn From Tristan Higdon

Designer Tristan Higdon exemplified the definition of southern charm in her adorable farmhouse. It’s natural tones, foliage and antique decor add an appeal you cannot ignore. Every piece of furniture is properly placed to create a balanced environment which makes for a cozy home that anyone would love to nestle into! The grey couch with … Read more

How Does J&C Farm Finds Decorate Their Vintage Farmhouse?

Crissy’s vintage farmhouse is a place for collectors of all things antique. She has many places around the house to show off her collections from pictures, clocks and books that look like they’ve been there since before you were born or even your grandparents time to big comfy couches with tons of pillows in every … Read more

Dave‘s Home Designs Are Rustic And Sophisticated

Influencer Dawid lives in Germany with Bruno (a golden retriever), and his partner Enrico. They have an attic flat that has one large balcony/terrace around their entire home, so they created areas to represent rooms within it as well! Dawid and Luisa knew it was important to give the outdoor areas of their new home … Read more

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