Clothes Rack For Laundry Room | Tips & Tricks

If you want to save resources such as money, time, the only way is to air-dry your clothes.

And that is the reason why a clothes rack for the laundry room is loved by most people.

This is also your clothes will not be exposed to the tumbling, friction, and heat of dryer machines, which makes your clothes last longer.

Therefore, we’ve picked up some clothes-drying racks for your laundry room that you can make by yourself, and don’t hesitate to have a look at them.


Clothes Rack For Laundry Room Tips

1. Shelf and Rod Installation

This wall mounted clothes rack for the laundry room will allow you to save hours because you don’t need to iron and organize your clothes.

Just make your shirts and jackets completely dried, and you can hang up them without more wrinkled shirts at the bottom of the basket.

You’ll also make use of the out-of-the-way upper shelf for storing all sorts of odds and ends.

All you need to prepare is just going to your home center and get standard closet rod brackets, a closet rod, and a precut 12-in-deep melamine shelf.

Don’t forget to take some drywall anchors, or in case you got concrete, some plastic anchors, and a corresponding masonry bit.

Have shelves fastened to the wall and fix the closet rod so you can have instant storage.

2. Hanger Holders/Valet Poles

Having clothes hanging rack for your laundry room would be nice for you to hang shirts and blouses up when they come out of the dryer, which also helps avoid wrinkling.

However, if your space is too small for this feature, you can consider a retractable valet pole or other fold away hanger holder to make it happen without requiring any permanent square footage in the room.

3. Hanger Shelf

One easy way to make a clothes rack for your laundry room is to make use of the edge of the shelf over your washer and dryer as a hanger rack.

You can do it by predrilling some 3/4-in, plastic pipe, and screwing it to the top of the shelf along the edge. And I’m sure you will have amazing clothes hanging rack for your laundry room by yourself.

4. Install a Laundry Chute

Instead of eliminating all of the extra clothes hampers to save space in the laundry room, why don’t you try making a clothes rack for your space by installing a laundry chute.

In addition, This allows you to save time and energy with fewer trips up and downstairs. Here’s how to install your own laundry chute.

5. Fold-Away Drying Racks

It would be much more convenient to use the modern clothes dryer than the outdated approach of hanging laundry out to air dry.

Nonetheless, some articles of clothing, including sweaters, swimsuits, and delicate wash, should be kept out of the dryer and allowed to dry on a clothes rack but fitting clothes racks into a small space can be a problem.

Don’t worry, this wall-mounted expandable drying rack for laundry room could deal with this problem.

These racks which can be installed against a wall or the back of a door will take off very little space because they virtually disappear when not in use.

6. Drying Rack Hanging from Ceiling

Instead of utilizing the wall space as you can, it’s time to come up with the idea of using the ceiling to make clothes drying rack for your laundry room.

You can hang this simple ladder-like drying rack on the ceiling with chains and it serves as a great spot to hang items to dry or clothing that has been pressed.

In case you are afraid of putting your delicate items in the dryer, a hanging rack is a smart option for you.

7. Door Rack for Clothes

The back of the doors may be another option that you may want to check for a storage solution.

While the unit in the photo above works great for supplies, things like over-the-door shoe storage could be used for small supplies.

You could utilize some additional space provided by even simple hooks mounted on the door to hang laundry bags or hangers for drying delicate items.


A clothes rack for your laundry room is completely necessary, and you will find it so convenient as it can air-dry your clothes in an efficient way without any harm to your clothes.

We hope that you will have an ideal option when choosing clothes drying rack for your laundry room after checking our recommendations.

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