Can You Spray Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding?

When you decorate your home stuff, you might have the popular question, “Can you spray paint wood furniture without sanding?”

If you ask an expert in painting, the answer might be “Yes.”

However, sometimes sandpapers are indeed time-consuming, and it costs more alike. 

As a result, the article below would give you the complete answer for your skepticism of sanding in the staining process.


Can You Spray Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding? A Quick Answer

Yes, you can spray paint woody stuff in your house and skip the sanding stage. However, to make the stain adhere better, you should use suitable materials. For instance, a mineral or chalk stain is ideal. Besides, professionals advise users to use the bonding primer and a liquid sander or deglosser for the best result.

How To Paint Wood Device Without Sanding?

By using valuable materials, you can remove the sanding stage yet have impressive pieces of the device. They include chalk or mineral stain, milk paints with a bonding agent, liquid sander, and bonding primer.

Mineral Paint

Suppose you want to dispose of sandpapers while decorating; mineral paints are my recommendation. There is no need to add extra primer or prep with the liquid.

Plus, the paint is stain-proof and water-proof. Some are highly durable, such as Fushion mineral, Dixie Belle, or Country Chic ones. Those do not need any topcoats also.

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Chalk Paint

Once you are a paint lover, you might have already heard of chalk paint.

It is a kind of paint first named by Annie Sloan. Due to its beautiful matte finish, like chalk, the name became popular. Then, it is used to call a paint type applied on furniture to make a chalky appearance.

With the paint, you do not need to use prep. Plus, it is pretty easy to remove the colorant.

Some well-known brands are making the chalk paint you can refer to, including:

Milk Paint and Bonding Agent

Another way to avoid sandpapers is to mix milk paint with the bonding agent.

The bonding agent is a kind of milky helpful substance in increasing the paint’s adhesion to the surface. To use the agent, mix it with the milk stain at the rate of 50/50. You only need to apply it to the first coat.

Waiting for the mixture to dry, you can get good results of a firm grip.

Liquid Sander

Although liquid sandpaper (or deglosser) is not a standard method to replace adhesive tape, it does give significant effects at a low cost.

Use a brush and apply the deglosser to your project. Next, use the stain. Keep in mind to do that in a well-ventilated area cause the liquid smells quite unpleasantly.

Bonding Primer

Last but not least is the bonding primer. Suppose you use a high-quality primer combined with a well-known stain; there is no prep needed at all.

The reason comes from the primer’s ability to stick well to wood (or others) surfaces. Besides the adhesion, many famous primers can protect your device from stain and odor very well.

I recommend you some notable primer brands, namely KILZ, RUST-OLEUM, or INSL-X.

Spray Paint Furniture Without Sanding: Tips and Tricks

When painting without sanding, you might not want to ignore some valuable tips to improve the adhesions. They often help your painted furniture last longer.

Preparing important tools

You have to choose the right tool before spraying, either with or without sanding.

First, never forget a spray gun and the filter for it. An air compressor with a size ranging from 14 to 18 CFM is needed to support the weapon.

Before using the sprayer, do not forget to protect the surroundings from undesired stains with newspaper, sheet plastic, or masking tape.

Suppose you’ve already had a spray gun; check its air caps and fluid nozzles. Those parts need to be compatible with the wood’s finish and the paint’s viscosity.

Then, I suggest you test the air pressure alike. Adjust it until it gives you the color effect you want.

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You should test before doing anything, especially with some you have never done before.

Painting without sanding is not the exception. Suppose you pass the testing stage and immediately stain the furniture; there is a high chance of failure. In some cases, the stain could be chipped or peeled after a few days.

Consequently, take an extra day to test the stain first. Apply it to a small area and wait around 24 hours for it to dry thoroughly. After that, scratch on the spot, using the screw’s top or your fingernails.

Suppose the stain is chipped; you should use the sandpapers. If not, skip the prep stage and apply the


If you are unlucky being in the first situation, some helpful yet inexpensive adhesive tapes have been on the market recently—for instance, the Fandeli, 3M Aluminium Oxide, or the BOSHCRAFT 25 PCS.

Take those papers and wipe the painted area down to make it smoother. Then, prepare a tack cloth and get rid of the dust.

That is when you know the area is ready to be refinished.

Cleaning carefully

The second piece of advice is to do the cleaning part thoroughly. That would make sure there is no dirt, grime, or grease left. You can use the heavy-duty cleaner – TPS. Do not forget to wear gloves cause the substance can harm your hand. Remove hardware and doors of the furniture to clean crannies and nooks.

After using the TPS, wash the surfaces with clean water.

Also, before applying any cleaner, read the instructions first. Some paints or primers like the BIN primer do not allow TPS.

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No heavy thick coats

Either it is priming or spray paint, keep in mind to apply light even coats.

The thick layers often cause lumpiness, peel finish, or ridges. Mainly, when you spray too much stain, the liquid tends to drip, making the trim and floor look worse.

Also, with thin coats, the dry time will be shorter.

Take a look at the video to know more about painting wood items such as a dresser without sandpapers:

Can You Spray Paint Varnished Wood Without Sanding?

Many people think about skipping the sanding stage with the raw wood. However, only a few of them are sure they can do that with varnished ones.

You can. All you need are suitable primers and glosses as well as sturdy furniture.

Degassing is a faster and easier way to get rid of lacquer and varnish. Priming is to make the stain adhere better and more durable.

Hence, the combination of the two steps can replace annoying sandpapers without any problem.

Besides, make sure the varnished device features good bones. That means it should be in good condition with clean lines. Plus, it must be functional enough for your family to refinish.

Can You Spray Paint Wood Furniture Without Sanding? People Also Ask

1. Do I have to sand household items before painting?

As I have just mentioned, you do need to sand the stuff before staining.

Of course, you still have to make sure the stain adheres thrivingly and is durable.

That is when you need suitable kinds of color such as mineral or chalk ones. Plus, mixing the milky coloring with a bonding agent is another alternative.

2. Is spray stain suitable for wood?

Not only wood but spray stain can be applied on any surface such as metal, plastic, resin, and wicker.

Compared to brushes, spray guns help you stain quicker on more expansive areas. Plus, it often dries faster.

3. Can you spray stain wood items without primer?

It mainly depends on the kind of wood items you will stain. However, in most cases, primers would help.

For instance, with untreated and bare wood, you must use a primer. If not, the stain tends to peel off after a few days.

4. Can I stain laminate items without sanding?

Like other furniture, you can refinish the laminate one without sandpapers.

But, bear in mind to check the item if it is chipped or cracking or not. Also, in this case, never forget primers before painting. The laminate items are pretty delicate anyway.

5. Can you paint a dresser without sanding?

You can stain any dresser or laminate item with no sandpapers. Just follow my guides and pick up the suitable materials and tools.

Also, remember to disassemble the dresser before painting. Cleaning and priming are the two most crucial steps in this project.


To sum up, above are some pieces of knowledge related to the question if you can spray paint wood furniture without sanding.

Of course, you can forget the sandpapers while refinishing the items.

However, remember some of my tips. First, prepare the right tools and test the method first. Clean the surface thoroughly. While spray paints, keep the coat even all the time.

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