Campros Vs Coleman (2023)– What is the perfect option?

What do you think about bonding activities? One of the most popular choices for group bonding these days is camping. This type of outdoor activity helps relieve stress and strengthen relationships among family members and friends.

Purchasing outdoor gear and supplies, including a tent, is an essential part when heading out to the campsite. A high-quality tent will protect you from the rain, strong wind, and even sunlight while also ensuring a good sleep. I believe that anyone who loves hiking and other outdoor recreations should put different kinds of tents into account and find the right one.

In terms of big-size tents and innovative technology, there are not so many famous brands. However, Campros and Coleman have gained an excellent reputation for providing such product types with high quality.

You can refer to this article for detailed information and reviews about Campros Vs Coleman. The similarities and differences between these brands will be provided too, so you can choose your favorite one.

Which is the best one?

Though each brand has different plus points, I would choose Coleman as the better tent supplier than Campros. The reasons are Coleman’s product lines and extra-convenient utilities.

However, the newly-introduced brand Campros is recommended for those who

Remember to consider your own needs and preferences if you want to choose a suitable tent for your camping experience.


Overall, you can find many mutual things in the characteristics of Campros Vs Coleman since they both appreciate the comfortable and convenient camping style.

First of all, these brands offer tents of excellent quality. To illustrate, let’s see the best-selling items from Campros and Coleman. The Coleman Skydome receives all five stars for its durability and strength, not to mention the Dark Room Technology that is outstanding among all tents. The Campros 8-person family tent with rainproof and windproof is usually on the top sale or hot sale of this brand.

Secondly, these brands introduce a wide range of tents varying in size, style, and price. As a result, they can satisfy the most demanding customer due to their different products, small tents to large ones, 1-person to 10+person tents, with or without special amenities, etc.

While the Campros divides its products into two mainline: Camping tents and Canopy tents, the Coleman is more creative in classifying its tents. You can filter tents on the Coleman website according to collections namely Peak1 collections, Skydome, Skylodge, Sundome, OneSource Tents & Shelters, Skyshade Shelters, and Easy Set-Up tents.


Established half a century later than Coleman, Campros has state-of-the-art products that meet the demand of modern campers and hikers. Besides, here are some features that help you distinguish the two famous brands Campros and Coleman.

Capacity and Design

Both tents are complimented on their spacious interior and their attention to the big-size tents. They focus on a large group of campers such as families and friends, then offer the size of 10+person product.

However, thanks to its long history, the Coleman has a greater variety of tents. To be specific, only the numbers of Coleman’s 10+person tent can make up for half of the tents provided by Campros in general.

Therefore, it is clear that you can have more options in the style, design, and colors of the same tent size if you choose the brand Coleman.

coleman skylodge 12-person camping tent with screen room evergreen

Coleman Skylodge 12-Person Camping Tent with extra-wide door and roomy space

(Cre: Camping World)

In short, Coleman undeniably provides its customers with more options of tent design in the same capacity.


The Campros tents are listed in the first and second place of the Top 25 Best Waterproof Tents, among nearly tent suppliers. This high ranking in waterproofness level clearly proves the quality of this tent.

Campros’ tents are ideal to use under light rain. In fact, the Campros 9-10 person tent can guarantee PU1000mm thanks to its 185T polyester material and the hydrostatic coating high-tech. What’s more, a rainfly is provided in the package to help maximize the rain protection of this tent.

campros 9 person tent

Campros 9-10 person tent with full rainfly opened and sturdy shape

(Cre: All Outdoor)

In the meantime, Coleman is not at all known for waterproof tents. In fact, there are many negative reviews about its water resistance. One of the reasons (apart from tearing tents or a leaked corner) is Coleman’s unique feature E-port.

The E-port definitely helps in power charging by allowing a power wire to go out, but it creates a hole in the tent that may let water in. The representative for this minus point is Coleman Sundome.

After evaluation, Campros regains its advantage over Coleman thanks to the waterproof feature. I think you should opt for Campros tent if you seek a well-protected shelter against the rain.


The ventilation system plays an important role in creating a comfortable place for campers and families. It helps avoid condensation and maintains the airflow inside the tent. If you live in a ventilated tent, you can better enjoy the camping experience. Otherwise, you may end up the whole outdoor trip in a place with insufficient breathability.

From the synthesis of customers’ feedback, Campros and Coleman have quite different ventilation systems.

The common thing is the mesh fabric, which is used in both brands’ tents. It is understandable as the mesh is considered the best fabric in terms of breathability. It allows for the wind to blow through the tent.

Apart from the material, Coleman equips its tents with ground vents to push warm air up and out and keep users cool all the time.

In my overview, the Coleman is still superior to Campros in managing ventilation inside the tent.

campros tent-8-person-camping-tents review

CAMPROS 8-Person Camping Tent with large mesh windows and fantastic view

(Cre: Best Hiking Stuff)

Special value

Coleman can be proud of itself as the most innovative brand. The amenities provided by this brand can be named with E-port, built-in LED lighting, and a WeatherTec™ system. E-port can be found in Sundome, Coleman Elite WeatherMaster offers built-in LED lighting and fan system with an illuminated wall switch.

Almost every product of this brand has a system of weather resistance which is a highlight. This WeatherTec™ system is a mix of weatherproof fabric, taped corners, protected seams, windproof frames, zip guards, and waterproof floors to protect your tent from rainfall and hazard wind.

Specifically, one of the best technology added to Coleman’s tent is Dark Room. This technology enables users to sleep past sunrise, as it blocks nearly 90% of sunlight. You can take a rest at any time other than the fixed time (after sunset) as before. Plus, this Dark Room brings the feeling of a cooler space (Because it is dark) and you can put aside the worry of a hot summer day.

coleman skydome 8-person camping tent with screen room

Coleman Skydome 8-Person Camping Tent with amazing Dark Room technology

(Cre: Camping World)

FAQs – Campros Vs Coleman

1. How can I be granted free shipping by Campros and Coleman?

Regarding Campros, they apply the Free shipping policy to the lower 48 states in the US. After 1 to 2 working days, customers will receive their free shipping orders. As stated on the website, they are taking longer than usual to process orders due to an increase in orders.

If your Coleman order is standard $50 or more, the free shipping can be applied. This brand also states that free shipping offers do not apply to expedited shipping methods unless specified.

Additionally, both The Campros and Coleman provide Order tracking with the specified code so that you can keep track of your order from the warehouse to your place. You can also check the status of your order at any time using the online order tracker.

2. Can Campros and Coleman’s tent be split into 2 rooms?

Well, it depends on the specific tent model you bought.

The Campros offers some two-room tents with a removable divider curtain. This means you can remove the curtain for ventilation, and put it on to maintain privacy anytime. For example, the Campros 8-person tent is one such model.

Coleman Skydome is not available with a center separator that divides the tent into two rooms. However, other models such as Coleman Weathermaster includes a hanging divider and it enables users to separate their tents into two private space.

Therefore, you need to read the specifications of each product thoroughly before purchasing any tent. If you really need a curtain to separate the rooms, try contacting the manufacturer to ensure its availability.


In conclusion, the two brands Campros Vs Coleman has many common features as well as distinguished ones. After reading this article, you can have in-depth reviews for consideration, then you can decide to buy the most suitable tent for your use.

For a greater range of choice and quality, I highly recommend you to choose the Coleman brand. Otherwise, if you want to support the new brand name or you are interested in the separate-room tent, Campros is the best one.

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