How To Build Wooden Clothes Rack

Do you build Wooden Clothes Rack? If you’re don’t have enough closet space, why don’t you come up with wooden clothes hanging rack made by yourself?

This wooden clothing rack DIY would be a perfect solution as it doesn’t take up much space, and you can easily move it anywhere.

Making a wooden clothing rack is not something difficult as you can build your own clothes rack with a few basic tools.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to follow me to know “How to build a wooden clothes rack?”


Supplies for Wooden Clothes Rack

STEP 1: Cut base frame boards 

Building a wooden clothes rack will not be as challenging as you think.

The first step of the process of making a wooden clothing rack is squaring off our boards.

In this step, what you should do is having the ends cut off at saw width in order to get off any rough edges. Next, we just cut the boards in a proper way, following the lengths:

-1×3 –cut 2 pieces at 33.5” each
-1×4 –cut 2 pieces at 24” each and 2 pieces at 33.5” each, then put 4 of these aside and DON’T CUT

STEP 2: Assemble base frame

In order to assemble the base frame for your wooden clothing rack, you should use glue to connect one of the 1×3 pieces to one of the 1×4 pieces, making sure that they are matched on the one side.

And then, nail together.

Continue this process by gluing a separate piece of 1×3 to a piece of 1×4.

These resulting assembled boards will play a role as the long sides of your base.

Glue and nail one piece of 1×4 to each end of your assembled longboards after assembling the long sides of your base.

STEP 3: Assemble slats in the base

The next step when building a wooden clothing rack is popping in the slats after completing your base frame so you can place shoes or baskets on the base of your wooden clothing rack.

Don’t forget to measure the inside of the frame (top to bottom with your shorter sides being on your left and right, before cutting your 1×6 board into 6 pieces (first though, It is suggested that you should square off your board by cutting a saw-width piece off of each end) using the inside frame measurement — in our case we measured at 23 3/8.

Use glue to line the inside of the frame and have your slats popped in snugly.

STEP 4: Make the legs

The next step of the process of making a wooden clothing rack is making the legs.

The first thing to do is drilling the hole for your dowel.

What you should do is to take your 4 uncut 1×4 pieces, stack them on top of each other, and cut a saw-width piece off of each end with a view to squaring off the ends.

Later, it’s time to measure the width of the boards stacked and mark the center (this is where you will drill the dowel hole).

Drill a hole using your bit of choice (in our case we used a Forstner bit) after having marked the point at the center.

After finishing drilling the hole at the top of the legs, you need to cut a 9 angle at the bottom of the legs. Ensure that every leg has the same length as others.

STEP 5: Assemble the legs

The next step is assembling the legs when your dowel hole is drilled and your legs are cut.

This step begins by arranging two legs so that the dowel holes are aligned.

Then, In order that the angle cuts will sit flush on the floor, it is recommended to use a straight edge to align the bottom of the legs.

When your legs are laid out already, you can glue them and fasten them together.

Just do the same with other legs.

STEP 6: Attach the base to legs

To have a complete wooden clothing rack, we have to connect the base to the legs.

Before doing this, we measured 16“ up the legs to where the side of the base would fit and made sure that when attaching the legs to the base, they were centered.

In the beginning, we used glue and nails to attach the base to the legs but we changed our mind and used screws to make everything sturdy.

And Its is obvious that using screws is the best option for using nails.

Now, you have already known “How to build a wooden clothes rack” so let’s get started to have a wooden clothes rack made by yourself.

I’m sure you will find this job interesting, and I am looking forward to looking at your result.

Here are some ideas for a wooden clothes rack (Check more on Pinterest):

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