Best Kotatsu Brands in 2023 (TOP 4) – Complete Guide

What is a kotatsu table? If you have ever visited Japan or know about the Japanese culture, potentialities are you have seen a strange-looking piece of furniture in a companionable part of the house that looks like a coffee table.

A kotatsu table is the name of that strange-looking thing, and it is the comfiest and coziest way to enjoy beverages or a meal together.

Shall we dig a little deeper about this kotatsu Japanese heated table?

So, what do they do?

Normally located in the heart of the home, includes a low table with a particular futon laid over it.

A heat source is attached below combined with the futon traps the heat produced by the heater warms your lower body.

They have existed as part of Japanese culture and as staples of the Japanese family for centuries. originally, they were not designed by specific styles and manufacturers.

In today’s civilization, where everything is made by some company or another, it is important to acknowledge who the best kotatsu brands and creators of kotatsu heated tables are, what they produce, and how their particular designs and forms.

In short, who makes the best particular product?

Here is the ultimate guide for you based on independent study, recommend the best Kotatsu brands and FAQs.

But first, let’s take a quick look at the highly recommended items with actual ratings from Amazon.

The Top-Rated Kotatsu Brands (Recommendation)






Kotatsu Table Useful Information

1. The Difference In Voltage and Plugs

It is necessary to check the voltage and plug that the product requires when buying it.

As some of them can be bought online are exported directly from other countries, some of them might use a higher voltage compared to the US voltage requirement.

However, most electrical devices can handle a voltage lower than intended, but this does not work the other way around.

2. Physical Issues When Sitting Under A Kotatsu

Originated in Japan, and in Japan, it is not unusual to sit on the floor since it’s their traditional culture and they are very used to it.

For western people, it may be uncomfortable to sit on a floor with your legs crossed for a period of time.

To fix the problem, you may want to use a pillow for your knees or a Japanese floor chair, which gives you a backrest, makes you more comfortable while sitting on the floor for a long time.

Best Kotatsu Tables Shortlist (Updated List)

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*Ratings are from Amazon at the time of publication and can be changed

The Best Kotatsu Brands



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Unlike so many Japanese products on the market, which require a basic understanding of the Japanese language or a quick translation to use, the Yamazen product only has one single switch to turn the heat on or off.

This makes the table with heater simple enough for even kids or elder people to use with the highest safety.

Many of the best kotatsu brands make many forms and sizes of the products like round kotatsu table or kotatsu coffee table to optimize the market, this particular item is also involved.

This particular thing is made in small size overall, it is designed for generally simply a single person, but you can effortlessly give room for up to three or four people under the set without much of a concern.

The Japanese are soon known as consumer-pleasers, as one of the many best brands, they designed a small form size that offers this product ideal for saving money in the colder months while living in an apartment, small house, or otherwise, which can be used as a kotatsu dining table.

***Though, if you are breathing by yourself, then it is going to be a piece of excellent furniture to any size home.

Unlike many Japanese products, Yamazen-known as one of the most reliable brands on the market, made this thing of plastic, in terms of assembly, this set was by far the most effortless item to assemble.

The instructions are easy to figure out with just the pictures, the only necessary is simply attaching the legs with the included bolts and tools.

It took about five minutes in total according to customers.

This item does come with a few disadvantages, that the futon will not be there when you purchase it.

For the very best performance, a proper futon set is required, it will help much in managing as much heat trapped beneath the table as possible.

However, a futon is not that certain to enjoy the thing, all you need is a king-sized blanket, or even with the lightest sheets, you’ll experience a delightfully warm feeling each time you access your futon set.

And so is the will to never leave the blanket afterward.

As many tables set being sold on the market, this product is sourced straight from Japan and uses the native Japanese power requirements.

As the western nations use different voltage requirements, a step-down transformer is inevitable to operate the thing at the finest performance and harmlessly over time.

  • Easy to use
  • Good-looking design
  • High-quality plastic
  • Lightweight but very effective
  • Very high quality and thick insulation
  • Voltage converter required
  • Does not come with a blanket
  • Expensive price for only the blanket
  • Small size

Overall, Yamazen, known as one of the best brands, made this set deserves to be one of the greatest items on the market.



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If you are looking for a foldable product that is affordable as compared to that table Ikea or table amazon offers and made by one of the best brands, this one will do the trick.

Being made by one of the most reliable manufacturers means this product is made of natural solid rubberwood and oak veneer horizontal surface tabletop with a satin finish.

The looking of this would fit ideally as a decoration for any home size, you can even use it as a coffee table in all seasons.

As mentioned, this product is foldable, which means you can fold this table up and move it out of the way whenever you want while the weight is just at 42 pounds, you can even have a cozy meal with your family by using it as a dining counter.

You can control the heater with a handheld control knob, there is no assembly required, which creates convenience for everyone to use, even children or elderly people.

Like the last item, this one too has a few disadvantages, that this does not come with a blanket.

Like the other products I mentioned, you can easily cover it up with a king-sized blanket, or any blanket you have, you’ll experience a comfortable warm sensation each time you enter your futon set.

One more disadvantage of this set is this it is made in Vietnam, with quality controlled by the Japanese, which means this product does not use western power requirements.

You will definitely need a step-down transformer to operate the product at the very best performance and safely over time.

  • Can be folded
  • Made of wood
  • Perfect kotatsu dining table
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Have room for up to 6 people
  • Does not come with a blanket
  • Step-down transformer required
  • Not being made in Japan


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If you are living by yourself or you don’t have the need of gathering around but still looking for a product made by one of the most reliable brands will be a valuable item on your list.

This item is made of natural solid rubberwood legs and Walnut brown veneer horizontal surface tabletop with a satin finish.

Which gives this product a traditional look, it will fit perfectly in your house if you are into Japanese culture.

The manufacturer made this one with 4 corners that they can hold and stuck for the blanket when you put it between the tabletop.

Sounds complicated but this set is really simple to use.

Just like other heated tables being sold on the market, this product does not come with a blanket.

Since being made with a good-looking design, a proper futon set is indeed needed to complete the whole set.

Still, as the other products mentioned, you can comfortably use your own blanket to cover it.

A disadvantage of this one is this product does not use western power requirements.

A step-down transformer is needed to operate this set at the very most reliable performance and harmlessly over time.

  • Good-looking design
  • Made of wood
  • Easy to use
  • Lightweight
  • Can be used for multiple purposes
  • Step-down transformer required
  • Does not come with a blanket
  • Not being made in Japan

Overall, this foldable product will fit perfectly for a family of 6 and can be used as a dining counter, totally worth a great compliment for being made by one of the most trustworthy brands.


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If you are looking for a fine traditional-looking, fit perfect for a family of 4 and built by one of the most reliable brands, this one will satisfy you finely.

In terms of design, this is a round-shaped item with foldable legs.

Based on customer reviews, when being folded, the legs remain at an angle, so if you are attempting to store it somewhere, make sure you have 8 inches or more of clearance.

Despite being made by one of the best brands, the tabletop will be easily scratched unintended.

The table height and weight may be considered as disadvantages.

Just like the mentioned products, this foldable product is made of natural solid rubberwood and oak veneer horizontal surface with a satin finish (easily vulnerable).

The round and traditional look will fit perfectly for any home size and style.

Just like the mentioned products made by one of the most trustworthy brands, this one does not come with a blanket and different voltage requirements.

  • Foldable table
  • Removable Kotatsu tabletop
  • Good-looking design
  • Made of wood
  • Can be used for big families
  • Step-down transformer required
  • Does not come with a blanket
  • Not being made in Japan
  • Heavyweight

Buying Guide for The Best Kotatsu Brands 

Most of the items on the market do not come at a low price so deciding which one fits you the best is an unavoidable task, to advise you to figure out more relaxed, here is the ultimate buying guide.

1. Material

These originated from wood as the Japanese tradition, this does not mean products that are made of plastic are cheap and have poor quality.

Many of the best brands built their products with plastic but still have gorgeous looks.

It depends on which material you want to go with, both will have its own stunning beauty as a tradition of the Japanese.

2. Branding

Many of the best brands on the market are the kind of family company, meaning some of them do not produce so many products in a period of time, this makes the price usually higher than the mass production companies.

On the other hand, mass production companies are born to deliver as many products as they can, this does not mean they’re made in low quality.

Again, It is up to you, the customer, who decides which to go with based on the material or the brand and of course, the price.

Commonly Asked Questions About Kotatsu Table

1. How Much Does a Kotatsu Table Set Cost?

Depending on how fancy you want your heated furniture to get, you could spend over $600 for an authentic set shipped directly straight from Japan.

But you can find some for as low as $120 as compared to other offers on the market.

Some are made for one or two people but you can find a traditional size item that has enough room for four or five and can be used as a piece of dining furniture.

2. Why Does the Kotatsu Table Be Too Small?

Many people may wonder why there are not so many heated tables on the market that is hardly fit for four people to gather around like a family or a group of friends.

The answer is they are made originally for small families, so many products on the market can hardly fit for a group of six, even if being made by the most solid manufacturer.

3. What Are The Best Kotatsu Brands For A Small Family?

As mentioned, Yamazen products are soon identified as the best kotatsu brands for everyone, small families are also included.

It’s easy to use and has a great design, which will be an item of excellent furniture for your home in all seasons.

4. What Are The Best Kotatsu Brands For Bigger Gatherings?

For the roomiest one, an AZUMAYA folding table will be one of the best choices.

This product delivers a cozy place to hang out on cold days, can be used as a dining counter and has a traditional design, which will fit finely for people into Japanese culture.

5. Can You Sleep Under a Kotatsu Table Set?

In nowadays? Well, the answer is yes, you can totally sleep under a heated table.

However, many of the most trustworthy manufacturers suggested that it should not be used for an overnight long sleep, just a nap would be fine.

There are numerous reasons for this.

One is that you may accidentally reach the heat source during sleep because of the fact that the desk is usually low.

Another is that the body is not covered fully by the heat and hence, this may lead to uneven body heating.

6. Are Kotatsu Table Safe?

If we are in the past, the answer would be yes because the futon had a risk of catching fire if being left on for too long, but those days of worrying are over.

Nowadays, the kotatsu Japanese heated table is made so that, no matter what conditions occur, a fire will not break out.

7. Can You Burn Yourself Touching a Kotatsu Table Top?

Since many best kotatsu brands made their products with a built-in thermostat that prevents overheating and the potentiality of fires.

This means direct skin contact will not cause burns.

8. Why Do Japanese Sit On The Floor?

In short of a history lesson, the Japanese have long traditionally eaten and slept on the floor.

And the height of these tables fit just fine and they are an excellent present to preserve their culture and customs.

Another reason why they sleep and eat on the floor is that the soft tatami mats don’t support heavy furniture like beds or dining tables because it would leave marks on the floors.

That is why they use them as a traditional choice.


In Japan, the kotatsu heated table is conventional, and family members or friends gather around the blanket to eat, interact, or just watch a movie while staying nice and cozy during cold seasons.

Most traditional products on the market do not actually come with a blanket, they only come with a heater or some manufacturer may sell their kotatsu table without a heater depends on the price, so you will probably need to get the futon set separately for the very best experience or you could always use your own blankets.

If you are looking for a Kotatsu table that fits for a big gathering, the AZUMAYA KOTATSU FOLDING TABLE  will be an ideal item for you, on the other hand, if you are living by yourself or you just don’t have the needs of a big gathering, the YAMAZEN CASUAL KOTATSU JAPANESE HEATED TABLE will be a valuable piece of furniture for your home.

Hope this writing will advise you in deciding to choose yourself the best kotatsu table brand.

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