Best Clothes Rack For Small Spaces (2023)

When choosing a clothing rack, you have to carefully consider many factors that can suit your space and needs such as quality construction, size, and overall design. And many people have trouble with the amount of storage as they don’t have ambient spaces.

Therefore, multi-functional clothes racks with shelves, collapsible and wall-mounting racks, or even portable clothes racks on wheels that can save space, would be ideal options for your lack of spaces.

We would like to give you a collection of the best clothes rack for small spaces that you might want to check.

Clothing Storage Ideas Shortlist (Recommendation)

1. Wall-mounted hanger clothing rack

2. Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

3. Galvanized Pipes Clothing Rack

4. Garment rack with wood shelves

5. Branch Clothing Rack

6. Rope Wrapped Garment Rack

7. Mini Clothing Rail

8. Sleek Hanging Rods

9. Wooden Crate Clothing Rack

The Top-Rated Clothes Rack For Small Spaces (Recommendation)







Clothing Storage Ideas for Small Rooms

Many people are having many problems in storage, especially for individuals who live in a small house where making a separate closet is impossible.

However, there are always some clothing storage ideas for small rooms with genius clothing racks that can help you to solve the trouble of lack of closet space.

And if you are curious, don’t hesitate to take a closer look at some creative and gorgeous clothing racks below.

1. Wall-mounted hanger clothing rack

One of the ideal clothing storage ideas for small rooms that you can try is the coat rack which is in the form of a hanger creatively combining form and function.

It is made of iron pipes with high quality, environmentally friendly features, and a simple design.

Therefore, with those creative, and fashionable hanger clothing racks, you can make use of space conveniently, effectively, and simply.

Especially, it would be perfect for clothes rack for small spaces bedrooms, corridors, or offices.

2. Copper Pipe Clothing Rack

Of clothing storage ideas for small rooms, A Copper Pipe Clothing Rack would be a great alternative to a closet.

It is so easy to hang a copper pipe on your ceiling and you can in no-time have a creative way to hang your clothes. So just try!

3. Galvanized Pipes Clothing Rack

This project is a full-on wardrobe, and totally stunning.

However, it does feature two lovely racks of clothing constructed from galvanized pipes.

Fit for a choice of the closet “his and her”.

4. Garment rack with wood shelves

A simple design for a clothing storage idea for small spaces is this metal rack with wood shelves that offers a wonderful solution for lack of closet space.

While the built-in wooded shelves at the bottom and side are perfect for keeping shoes or folded clothing, the two-foot-wide closet rack helps to hang your clothes.

5. Branch Clothing Rack

If you are looking for some clothes storage ideas for small bedroom spaces, you had better have a look at this beautiful and natural rack of clothes which looks lovely in any bedroom.

The original page is in Swedish but you should be able to recreate this magnificent branch clothing rack with a bit of imagination.

6. Rope Wrapped Garment Rack

One of the interesting and creative clothing storage ideas for small rooms that will definitely impress you, at first sight, is this Rope Wrapped Garment Rack.

It is a nautical design for a rack of your garments!

This hanger was wrapped in rope and then hung up as an efficient way to hang your favorite shirts or dress.

7. Mini Clothing Rail

If you are a big fan of minimalism, you can try this mini clothing rail.

What really makes this piece beautiful is the beautiful copper hangers.

It is perfect for a little bit of extra space to hang.

8. Sleek Hanging Rods

With these Sleek Hanging Rods, you will create more space and arrange your clothes by stacking your hanging clothing racks so they remain clean and off the ground.

Needless to say, It gives your open closet a cool asymmetrical look.

Especially, it can work well as a baby clothes storage idea for small spaces.

9. Wooden Crate Clothing Rack

Another clothing storage idea for small rooms is using this wooden crate clothing rack as this funny project uses old wooden cabinets to add shelving space that could be ideal for your folded clothes, or simply to add decoration such as plants or ceramic knick-knacks.

Best Small Garment Racks Shortlist (Updated List)

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The Best Small Garment Racks



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If you are looking for maximum storage in a sleek package.

This versatile rack will be an ideal hanging clothes rack for small space that you should try.

The combination of a three-tier shelf on the bottom, 18 hooks up top, and a hanging rack for things like umbrellas would make the perfect mega-functional statement bedroom piece or narrow hallway organizer.

In addition, shelf space for shoes and bags could really help you be creative with bins and baskets.


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If you are considering a rack for your extra storage in a small space, don’t hesitate to use this kind of rack as it would be one of the best clothes rack for small spaces.

If you are having seasonal clothes or everyday clothes but no enough space in the cupboard for them, such a product would come as a solution due to its sturdy body and overall modern design, which allows you to easily assemble and clean.


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Using a chrome garment rack could surprise you a lot as it includes top and bottom shelves and has two locking wheels as well, which allows for easy assembly.

Also, it can work well as great clothes drying rack for your small spaces.

And this kind of rack is under a 1-year warranty.


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One of the best clothes rack for small spaces that we would like to introduce to you is this KAREZONINE Black Metal Coat Rack as its design is quite different from the other racks that we have featured on our list so far.

This item is suitable for indoor as an organizing rack or outdoor as clothes… due to its durable construction, it can serve as the perfect clothes drying rack for your small spaces.

There are two different colors for the rack, including the black and brown colored variants at the same price. This rack constructed of metal tubes with a frosted surface has connectors made of plastic.

In addition, you can utilize the two bar ends to store all types of clothes including hats.


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You will find this Bextsware’s Clothes Rack Multi-Function Garment Rack so useful in various ways as it can serve as a hanging clothes rack as well as a clothes drying rack for a small room.

This rack is made of heavy-gauge chromium plating and heavy-duty steel, which allows for durability and stability.

The garment rack is specially designed with an extendable hanging rod with stoppers on both sides, which can keep clothes not falling off.

You can use this multi-function garment rack, with a load capacity of 150 pounds, for laundry and bedroom as it does not wobble even at its maximum rod extension, which allows users to hang wet and heavy clothes altogether.

However, the wheels don’t lock so you should place them facing the opposite directions to make the rack stable and stationary.

How To Choose The Best Clothes Rack For Small Spaces?

You may commonly find clothing rack organization difficult as while there are some racks being able to accommodate more clothing volume, others can only support a few.

Also, you can find many different, unique types of clothing racks than just a horizontal bar such as the spiral clothing rack which is both functional and visually appealing, or wall-mounted clothes racks which are the most common ones.

And no matter which you choose, a clothing rack always plays an essential role.

There are various options that you can try to feel how amazing they are.

When choosing a clothes rack, you should focus on one that has heavy-duty, which means the clothes rack can bear a lot of weight.

It is common that some racks come with wheels so that you can easily move them.

In the case of a clothing rack organization for moving, it would be easy for you to move these portable racks. Usually, the larger the wheel, the easier to push.


1. How to organize items in your wardrobe?

  • You should have storage units matching your different needs: drawers for folded items, hangers for dresses and suits, and boxes for what you never use.
  • In addition, to keep your clothing rack organization in order, it’s better to use shelf dividers
  • Keep your closet in shape like the way you treat your small room
  • Lighting, wall color, and floor coverings should be paid attention to
  • Keep your closet well-lit so you can see the colors of clothes properly


  • Don’t hesitate to install a second closet rod above the main one, which increases your hanging space. Additionally, buying a stool or a rob can help you to reach the items you need.
  • Hangers having the same colors are recommended to make everything look more colorful
  • Organizing similar clothing items in a section is an easy way for you to reach (shirts on one side and probably pants and skirts on the other side)
  • Fold all knit products such as sweaters, most T-shirts, socks, and some blouses instead of using hangers to prevent them from bumps and slacking
  • In case you have deep shelves, fold clothes in a careful and proper way. In specific, it is better for you to stack clothes such as dressers or other drawers vertically rather than horizontally. When opening shelving, remember not to stack so high that it tumbles.
  • Place similar clothes together
  • Grouping pieces of clothing that pair well together is a perfect way to organize your clothing rack.
  • For example, to coordinate clothes such as a pair of jeans close to a trendy top, it is great to use the two-tier clothing rack.
  • Commonly used clothes should be visible and accessible like those you want to start wearing more frequently.

Because people have the intention of wearing what they see often, you should store your most used items at eye level by having a good clothing rack organization.

Other accessories

  • Some clothing racks look simple outside but very functional
  • The two shelves should be very useful when you store shoes on the bottom and bags on the top
  • There should be a separate side to store scarves and other accessories.
  • Using screw hooks to hang belts, jewelry, sunglasses, and everything else  is better and neater than nails
  • For smaller items such as pins, buttons, you can put them into boxes or jars
  • Hide the items that you rarely use inboxes.

2. What to Consider to grab the Best Clothes Racks?


Among many factors when considering a clothing rack for a boutique, the materials that have been used should be paid attention to as the poor material could get damaged quickly.

In addition, the way it has been constructed should be carefully checked.


When purchasing a rack means you have to think about whether the whole size of the rack is suitable for your apartment because you have to place it somewhere in your house and not every rack is fold-able.


Design is also important as well and how to choose a well-designed clothing rack for your boutique is not easy at all.

Not only could a well-designed rack give you the motivation to store and hang your garments efficiently but it also makes your home look beautiful, fashionable, and polished.


There is no good buying a rack at an extremely high price just because of its good quality material.

You can easily find hundreds of good quality racks that cost less, so don’t hesitate to search for the ideal price suitable for your budget.

How To Choose Clothing Rack for Boutique?

As you know, racks play an essential role in displaying merchandise.

Even though some pieces of clothing can be efficiently folded and set on shelves, a number of styles would be better to be showcased in a hanging form.

Let’s take dresses as an example, long, flowing designs will disappear if they’re folded up and decorative detailing is hidden from sight.

Additionally, by using a hanger instead of a shelf, formal wear and fabrics that crease or crumple easily can remain more clean and presentable.

Therefore, to answer the question of How to choose a clothing rack for a boutique, let’s take a look to check out these different styles and options following your display features to match your shop’s needs and tone:

1. Straight racks

One option for clothing rack for your boutique is a straight rack as its design has a feature of a horizontal bar with the support of two vertical legs, which can be outfitted with either wheels or stationary bases.

Locking wheels can help to prevent unwanted rolling, but if you feel very secure in your fixtures’ positioning, you may thank the permanence of the based pieces.

Like many store features, there is a wide range of designs of straight racks, such as industrial or fashionable.

You can use the double bar option as an alteration on the single straight rack, which features two parallel crossbars at either the same height or slightly different levels.

2. Branching racks

Branching racks may be an ideal choice for How to choose clothing racks for boutiques as the feature of branch racks is a central, based trunk with posts that spread out, which offers a bit of diversity in terms of displaying apparel.

This is because customers will have a perfect vantage point for viewing the merchandise from any side.

Posts typically number between two and four and are able to either extend from parallel levels along with the fixture or at different heights.

Like straight racks, a variety of styles and shades are always on display, such as those of the C3 Color collection.

3. Circular racks

It is ideal to have round clothing stands serve as a clothing rack for boutique because of all advantageous angles.

The design usually features four legs splaying outward to support a circular rim at the top.

Separating unlike items is the only complication of circular racks if you want to make a distinction between sizes or styles.

To finish this, try utilizing color code markers directly on the hangers or tabs breaking up the circle.


After having a look at the top 5 best clothes rack for small spaces, you will have your own decisions about the suitable one for your needs. We hope that you can find an ideal solution or a genius clothing rack that can help you to solve the trouble of a lack of spaces.

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